Extra Sticky Annual Refresh for Your Training

Extra Sticky Annual Refresh for your training

Our Sticky Learning ® approach aims to change behaviour for the long term so that you get a better return on investment. Our Learners will learn more, more quickly and more easily, and a year later they’ll need support to refresh them on the learning because they will have implemented some of the learning and had to forget some of the learning. Our aim is to keep their learning fresh with the ‘Extra Sticky Annual Refresh for your training’.

Would you stop getting your car serviced?

Similar to taking your car for an MOT or a service, we all need to take time out to see what’s working, what’s not working and get ourselves back on track. The Annual Refresh product can be applied to all the learning products and is a shorter day of 10 am to 3 pm consisting of:

  • A review of what has gone well and not gone well in the past 12 months.
  • A refresher on the key learnings from the foundation course, advanced course and the sticky pieces.
  • A bunch of new tools to help support your learning.

Three Reasons to Add the Extra Sticky Annual Refresh:

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Our first reason


You know that one day training courses have a limited effect and our programme of 6 months will help you achieve so much more. Our aim is to support you to get better and better. Not just better for a while, but better and better forever, continuously learning and improving.

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Our second reason


Like a car, if you do not get it serviced the engine become less efficient. People are obviously similar and for a small investment w can help you to continue to be your best.

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Our third reason


Spending a little over half a day per year to further improve your negotiation skills in a deal with the buyer, or your time management focus to achieve your KPIs/KRAs or your ability to influence internally to get what you need, is only 0.21% of your working year investing in your development.

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