Masterclass for GSCOP: Book Author 

This 2 hour GSCOP Masterclass is for Sales & Marketing teams working for Suppliers to the major UK Supermarkets, who have heard of GSCOP and want to know more. This Masterclass is an introduction to and a Q&A discussion with the book Author of ‘A Complete Understanding of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice’Darren A. Smith.

This is not training because GSCOP is a little like reading the dictionary, you can’t learn it, but be aware of what it contains and use it as you need to. To ‘use’ GSCOP you need to use your negotiation skills and influencing skills, which can be learnt on our training courses.


Overview of the GSCOP: Book Author Masterclass

Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, and Account Managers have usually heard of GSCOP and either dismissed it as something the Supermarkets do, ignore it completely as a ‘type of law’, or found out something about it, but not enough to talk about it competently.

Our Masterclass is delivered by the Author of the book and an ex-supermarket buyer to the big four supermarkets. He will share with you his understanding from having read over a 1,000 pages on GSCOP and discuss what this means for Suppliers, Supermarkets and how you might begin using GSCOP positively.

GSCOP Masterclass with the Book Author Investment, Time and Duration

This GSCOP Masterclass is 2 hours for up to 12 people and only costs £750+vat (£62.50 per person). To achieve this cost we require an hour with a decision maker to discuss training.

Copy of the GSCOP Book from the Masterclass

Book your GSCOP Masterclass to receive a printed copy of the book valued at £9.95 for every attendee.

Carol Ford, Apple and Pear Polisher, AC Goatham & Son, talks about the GSCOP Masterclass:

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