Marion Flynn

“I found the results of my own profile [HBDI Training Course] quite interesting in that I was surprised that I had any yellow capability at all! Besides the fact that I am very rooted in the present and like to deal in plain simple facts I do like to think I have some skills in the other three quadrants so I was happy to see that perhaps I understand my own limitations quite well. I would never describe myself as a people person but as you have already identified I am fascinated by human behaviour and love learning all about why humans behave the way they do. In addition to this I now have an understanding why so many people find dealing with my manager frustrating and yet I have developed a very basic method of interpreting his business needs and translating them for those of us that are not as comfortable in his natural arena”.

“I also now understand why other more social creatures find me “odd” or “difficult” because of my absolute need for the finer details in everything and my unwillingness to speak unless I actually have something worth saying. This feeds into my need to learn tolerance of those who do not function in the same way I do and also tolerance for myself when I get annoyed at myself for not being more creative – guess I need to throw out the “I hate humans” mantra and implement the “different strokes for different folks” one instead”.

“On the training itself – You told us you naturally sit in the blue quadrant of the model but if you had not told us this I doubt anyone would ever have guessed. The training was interesting, well delivered and dynamic. The group were comfortable with the content, pace and delivery and you leave people looking forward to the next session – so Thank You. Often when put onto a training course it is “hard work” and uninspiring but nothing could be further from this in terms of the training you have provided”.

Marion FlynnAssistant Technical Manager, Hilton Foods Ireland