Andrew Hollingworth

“I have attended 3 courses with MBM over the last 18 months; Time Management, Category Management & Influencing with Impact and have completed each course with clear direction & effective improvements to my working life. Attending all three courses has opened my eyes to the potential EVERY employee has if they follow the process & practices MBM teach you in each course.

Time Management is a perfect starting point and this course gives you a clear structure on how you should plan your day-to-day ‘To Do’ list, ensuring you manage the most important tasks with focus. After completing the course I have gained knowledge on how to manage big & small tasks and always work to a structured approach ensuring that workload is always ‘stress free!’….what’s more beneficial than that!

Category Management has allowed me to reaffirm some of the theoretical models learnt back in my University days, however with MBM’s approach to understanding my individual learning objectives for each course they were able to tailor this theory to my day-to-day role so that it was relevant and thus easier to understand and apply. In addition to this I learnt some new analysis models with regards to Opportunity Analysis; such as Ranging, Loyalty & Propensity, all giving me a deeper understanding into potential growth opportunities.

Influencing with Impact has helped me to understand how my body language and mannerisms communicate subconscious messages to my audience, what I needed to control and the simple ways to be more influential.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course and came out with various approaches to improving my deliverance and influencing impact, which I put into practice immediately.

All of these courses have improved my day-to-day working, furthered my Category Management abilities and helped me to deliver proposals with confidence & impact. Darren, Andy, Sally…Thank you for your guidance & support before, during & after these courses, I hope our paths cross again in the future.”
Andrew Hollingworth, Customer Marketing Manager, Continental Fine Foods