Adrian Regen

“Initially I was very sceptical of the whole concept; to me it was being placed into a box and “this is were you are”. After Wednesday’s session my view has changed; for me personally I found it very rewarding and a great eye opener.

If I was to take one thing above all others away from Wednesday it would be how one group of people see other groups. From that, it steered me into thinking how my work colleagues interpret what I’m trying (struggling) to say/communicate/explain. What has it done for me; it slowed me down, I now try to find the key pieces of information that will get people engaged into what I am trying to say. I appear to have more time.

This is what the 3 hours Wednesday did for me, both professionally and personally. It was great and probably one of the best sessions I have had in Hilton in my almost 14 years with the company”.

Adrian Regen, Hilton Foods Ireland