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Teach Someone Else

Teach Someone Else – comes from the Free Guide – ‘Are you frustrated by training that creates short term interest but not long term change?‘.

We all know what it’s like – you think you’ve understood something, but it’s not until someone asks you about the topic that you realise you didn’t understand it all! This is the same for learning.

Having to speak about something we have learnt means that have had to have understood it and be able to put it into our own words. In order to do this, internal processing of the information needs to take place. This is why sharing our learning with others is so important. The Study by John Nestojko provides scientific evidence.

A client recently asked for our help on GSCOP and the law surrounding how supermarkets treat their suppliers. It was only when I had written a Book on this subject that I really felt as though I had really understood the subject.

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Teach someone else


Create an opportunity for the Learner to share what they have learnt with their peers. This could be in the form of:

  • Lunchtime ‘bite-size’ learning.
  • A presentation to their boss.
  • Report on how the Learner has used the learning and created a behaviour.
  • A piece in the company newsletter or a blog post on the company website.
  • Create a video on what they have learnt, e.g. 1-minute video of personal development top tips.
  • Flipchart of key pieces posted on the wall in the office.
  • Sitting at their desk talking to their colleague.

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