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Do You Have a Specific Training Need?

A Tailored Training Solution, Bespoke Training, In-House Training, and Training Consultancy. Whatever You Call it, if it is Soft Skills Training, We Can Help You.

You Have a Specific Need

Your employees, soon to be our Learners, want something specific. A training intervention that will change their behaviour in some way. You may have taken a look at our training courses, and yet you still need something different. Let’s see if we can help you with a tailored training program.

Our Speciality is Soft Skills

We have been training people in soft skills since 2002. Skills such as negotiation skills, presentation skills, and people management skills. And for the Grocery Industry specifically, we offer Category Management and GSCOP training.

Our USP is behavioural change. We don’t offer 1-day training courses because they are not effective. Instead, we apply our unique training method – Sticky Learning ®. You can read more about Sticky Learning ®.

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There are two routes from here to achieve your tailored training solution in order to create your tailored training solution:

  • You know broadly what you need and then need some help making it more specific.
  • You know specifically what you want and need a quote.

For either route, we can help you with tailored training courses. Please contact us.

Questions and Answers

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Questions and answers about tailored training


If you are just here to build up your knowledge about tailored training, we are happy to help with these common questions and answers:

  • Q: What is ‘tailored training meaning’?
    • A: The meaning is to design training that is specific for a group of people that have a specific need for behavioural change. For example, a team might be struggling to get along and the training need is to build trust amongst the team so that the behavioural change is for them to be able to trust each other; ask more questions, delegate more, and start with a positive outlook for each other.
  • Q: How can we arrive at a tailored training solution?
    • A: This is normally achieved through a training needs analysis, which aims to understand the problem, the behavioural change wanted after the training, and how success will be measured. The training intervention is then designed by an experienced trainer and delivered in a sticky way – See Sticky Learning ® above.
  • Q: What are the advantages of ‘off-the-shelf’ training vs tailored training?
    • A: An off-the-shelf training course has been designed by the training company and has been delivered many times. This means that the cost of designing and trialling the training courses has been shared across the many times it has been delivered. Therefore it has a lower cost. A tailored training solution is more costly because of the time spent understanding the need, designing the need. Also, the training solution can only be delivered to that one client. The advantage of tailored training is that it has been designed to specifically solve that problem and therefore has a higher degree of achieving the behavioural change.


Find out how you can achieve behavioural change and have 5-level training evaluation reports – Click on the image below:

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