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We are the soft skills training provider to leading UK Manufacturing and Retailing companies partnering with them to increase their sales and profits. They choose us because of our money-back guarantee, our relevant experience, and that we make their learning stick.
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Weekly Training Booster Episode #9: How to Tell Stories at Work to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Making Business Matter (MBM) Weekly Training Booster Episode #9: How to Tell Stories at Work to Improve Your Presentation Skills…
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Your Online Presentations Lack Oomph: Draw Out Bad Habits

Do Your Online Presentations Lack Oomph? Watch our 2-part webinar recordings to understand how to ensure your online presentations are…
Category Management Tips
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Category Creation: Use the Shopper’s Language or Get Left Behind

“Let’s Promote Top Fruit” says my apple buyer. The year is 2001, and I am in my first fruit buying…
Category Management Tips
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Sell What They Need: Common Mistakes Account Managers Make #2

Start Selling Buyers What They Need Written by Darren A. Smith for KamCity. Sell what buyers need No.2: Don’t Sell…
Category Management Tips
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Know Your Customer: Common Mistakes Account Managers Make #1

Fix those Mistakes With These Tips! Written by Darren A. Smith for KamCity. It’s important to understand common mistakes and…
Influencing Skills Tips
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7 Quick Ways to Get What You Want & Influence Others

Getting What you Want is all about How to Influence Others Not in a negative or manipulative way. More in…
Presentation Skills Tips
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6 Tips to Channel Nervous Energy Effectively

Are You Struggling With Nervous Energy? You wake up to the alarm beeping erratically, signalling the big day ahead. Brushing…
Communication Skills Tips
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Discover a Simple Method to Talk to Anyone

Starting a Conversation Doesn’t Need to be Challenging Learn how to talk to anyone by following the simple steps below:…
Presentation Skills Tips
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How Public Speaking Has Been Transformed Post Covid-19

We’ve Had to Adapt Our Approach to Public Speaking The Coronavirus pandemic hit the world where it least expected and…
Presentation Skills Tips
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5 Expert Tips to Start a Presentation Effectively

How Do I Begin a Presentation? A well-constructed lede, which stands for an opening statement, can hook the audience to…
Category Management Tips
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Embrace Simplicity and Overcome the Threat of Complexity

The Complexity of Simplicity I have been lucky enough to have some amazing commercial experiences on both sides of the…
Presentation Skills Tips
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10 Presentation Tips to Help You Make a Winning Start

Follow These Essential Tips and Make the Best Start to a Presentation This article covers several essential presentation tips to…