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The purpose of this page is to help you support your report (The learner) to engage more with their training. Our aim is to support your Learner to Realise, Retain and Recall what they have learnt on the training course so that they can achieve their Individual Learning Objective.

Your support is essential to making that happen. Please read the below sections, that will help you help them:

  1. ILO: What is an Individual Learning Objective (ILO)?
  2. Support: How can you help?
  3. Actions: Here are the actions that you need to do


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1. ILO

As part of our Sticky Learning ® unique training method, we have asked your Learner to identify what they want to get from their training. This is called an ‘Individual Learning Objective’ or ‘ILO’.

Your Learner has been provided with guidelines on what a good and a bad individual learning objective looks like, which can be found here. Your Learner has been asked to agree their Individual Learning Objective with you, their manager, before they begin their training. The Learner will then email us their Individual Learning Objective.

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2. Support

Please support your Learner to achieve these 3 key factors:

  • The Individual Learning Objective, identified by the Learner, adheres to the guidelines because, for example, ‘becoming a better time manager‘, is a poor objective as it cannot be measured by the learner, you, or us.
  • The Individual Learning Objective is in-line with their business’ objectives. This means that when the Learner achieves their Individual Learning Objective, it is contributing to what the business wants to achieve.
  • Make yourself available to your Learner to help them identify a ‘good’ Individual Learning Objective, because your Learner will spend a great deal of energy, time and resource, striving for this target and we all want that to be a worthwhile endeavour.
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3. Actions

Please email [email protected], within 7 days of receiving your email, confirming that you understand these statements and also if you have any questions:

  • I understand what an individual learning objective is and its purpose.
  • I understand the guidelines for identifying a good individual learning objective.
  • I understand what an individual learning objective looks like that is in-line with business’ objectives.