Self-Assessment Soft Skills, Test Chalkboard

How Good Are Your Soft Skills?

In this Self-Assessment Soft Skills article, you can find out how good you are at a soft skill. Jack Ma, the founder of the £30bn company Alibaba said that with the advancement of AI, soft skills set us aside.

We have created simple self-assessments that help you to understand your strengths and your weaknesses by evaluating a specific soft skill. By completing one, or all of these soft skills audits, you will know what to use more. Moreover, you will know where your strengths lie, and what to work on, your weaknesses.

How Each Self-Assessment Works to Improve Your Soft Skills

Each soft skill has a separate self-assessment. Each assessment contains 7-10 questions, which should take about 4 minutes. The pass mark for each assessment is 80%. Do not be concerned by the pass mark because it is more important that you are honest with yourself.

The Questions Asked

In the assessment, you will be asked a question based on an essential quality. We have created a unique set of competency frameworks. A page for each soft skill. Within each competency framework, we have selected 7 essential qualities for that framework. For example, for the Time Management competency framework, one of the essential qualities is being able to capture what tasks are needed to be done. For Negotiation Skills seeking common ground is an essential quality. Each soft skill has 7 carefully selected essential qualities.

See All of Our Available Self-Assessments for Soft Skills Below:

Category Management

Category Management is key soft skills for anyone working in the UK Grocery Industry. Click to take the Category Management soft skill assessment.


The Groceries Supply Code of Practice is a key piece of legislation for anyone working in the UK Grocery Industry. Click to take the GSCOP soft skill assessment.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is a must-have soft skill in the world of supermarkets and suppliers. Click to take the Negotiation Skills assessment.

People Management

Managing people is hard. Hard because they each have different wants, needs, and support. Click to take the People Management Skills assessment.

Time Management

We class this soft skill as the King of them all. This is because good time management unlocks everything else. Without this skill, you are limited to do anything else effectively. Click to take the Time Management assessment.

Presentation Skills

Presenting is your time to shine. You are on the spot in front of an audience, your boss, a client – someone important. You want to show the best version of yourself. Click to take the Presentation Skills self-assessment.

Team Building

How does your team compare to the All Blacks? Yes, a tough act to beat. Though there will be improvements that you can make to be a more effective team. Click to take the Team Building Skills self-assessment.

Leadership Skills

A lot has been written about what great leaders do. We have kept it simple with these 7 questions. Click to take the Leadership Skills self-assessment.

Coaching Skills

Google’s project oxygen said that the skill a line manager needs most is coaching. The skills that they lack most is coaching. Click to take the Coaching Skills self-assessment.

Influencing Skills

Getting people to do what you need, without being manipulative or shady, is a key skill in business. Answer these 7 questions of the influencing self-assessment.

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