Book Review: ‘The Busyness Delusion’ by Chris Gardener

The Busyness Delusion: About the Book

The Busyness Delusion: 12 Secrets to Designing a Smarter Business for a Better Life was chosen as the first to read for a new Small Business Owner’s Book Club.
It was a revelation.
The book is very easy to read. It follows the story of a man named Simon who has his own business but he’s constantly busy. Consequently, his relationships are suffering and he doesn’t have financial security, freedom or fulfilment (3Fs).

The Busyness Delusion, Book Cover

The Busyness Delusion, 12 Secretes for Designing a Smarter Business for a Better Life by Chris Garndener

Through telling Simon’s story and his coaching sessions with Frank, Chris Gardener introduces 12 principles that are structured into a 4-piece framework. Most importantly, two of these sections focus on the individual person, their skills and characteristics and mindset that are all vital in building and growing a business. As Chris explains:

“… looking only at business strategy, tactics and techniques will miss the critical personal dimension. Commercial topics on their own can never be the only ingredients necessary to create a thriving business.”

Chris Gardener shows how the principles are put into practice. The tasks that Frank sets for Simon to do are intended for the reader to complete as well. They are clearly laid out with boxes of tips and diagrams. It is suggested to first read the book through to follow the story. Then, revisit those tasks to get a real understanding of the principles.
In a nutshell, “being busy” does not define success. By following the principles laid out in this book, business owners can have financial security, freedom AND fulfilment.

30:10:5 Reading Rule Explanation

30 minutes to read, 10 minutes to write what you learnt, 5 minutes to teach what you’ve learnt

Rave Reviews from the Book Club

Without exception, everyone in our book club enjoyed the book and got a lot out of it. One person has even gone on to have coaching sessions with the author. I found the section around sales particularly helpful. It’s all about the potential client, you don’t have to be pushy or salesy, you’re having a conversation about their needs and how you can help.  It took away some of the fear and, as a result, I’m much more relaxed about having those ‘discovery calls’ with potential clients.
The Busyness Delusion is highly recommended, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and lacking in time for the other things that matter in life.
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