Book Review: ‘Running with Lions’ by Lee Martin

Running With Lions: About the Book

There is a lack of practical management books that provide real advice and help, especially for new managers.  In ‘Running With Lions’, author, Lee Martin, provides the reader with just that by providing scenarios and themes that managers encounter, and as such is a useful coach/mentor for those everyday transactions.

Book Cover of Running with Lions by Lee Martin

Running with Lions A Guide to Leadership and Management Survival by Lee Martin

Clear and Concise Management Tips

The format of ‘Running With Lions’ is simple: a picture accompanied by a quote on the left page, with a topic and running guide on the right which presents the issue and offers practical advice. The topic outlines each element of management or concept, followed by helpful tips and insight. This is well executed and is clear and concise. Outward reference to other text helps provides validity about the guidance provided.

Consult as Issues Arise

There is a difference between ‘guides’ and ‘books’, and Lee does a skilful job of not mixing the two.
The point of ‘Running with Lions’ is not to read the book all at once but instead pick it up and consult as issues materialise. It serves as a reminder that whatever you are facing as a manager, others are too.  An example of this is around difficult conversations, which Lee covers with a contemporary view on transactional analysis.  Naming the section ‘make it adult to adult’, it offers clear and concise information on possible actions to take.
In some areas, it can leave the reader wanting more, but this could simply be a clever prompt to encourage the reader to research deeper.

30:10:5 Rule Infographic

Read for 30, Write for 10, Teach for 5

Reflection and Opportunity

As a useful guide, ‘Running With Lions’ is true to its initial premise.  It doesn’t tell or lecture; instead, it offers the reader useful advice and small habit changing pieces of knowledge for them to consider and to adopt.
The book offers points of reflection and is an opportunity to think about managerial and leadership scenarios faced by many.  Both new and experienced managers will gain good insight from reading this guide.  For further insights into leadership, I would recommend reading ‘Microleadership’ by Haydn Bratt.

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