Book Review: ‘Microleadership’ by Haydn Bratt

Microleadership: About the book

Opening the packaging on ‘Microleadership’ by Haydn Bratt, the contemporary colour and Minecraft style brand speaks volumes for the content inside and indeed the author.  Microleadership is so-called as it claims that tiny interactions can lead to enormous results.

Cover Image for Microleadership by Haydn Bratt

Microleadership by Haydn Bratt

Microleadership as a Concept

From page one this book is jam-packed and reflects Haydn’s experience on leadership.  There is a clear dedication to the subject, with its content ensuring speaks to the reader.  With any non-fiction subject, you should be able to read a chapter, comprehend the message and look to apply the concept.  I take my hat off to Haydn in that each element allows you to do just that.  Microleadership is full of everyday actions we can use to make a big difference.

Creating Leadership Through Habits

You get a feel from this book that there is a unity of ideas from hundreds of sources.  This is useful for busy managers and leaders who need contemporary leadership ideas.  For new managers, this is helpful as a single source with signposts to further reading.  You also get a feel of the influence from Steven Covey’s book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.  This is not a bad thing and again reiterates the point of the contemporary nature of the book. Haydn states in the introduction that this is not an academic piece of work, unashamedly so.  This aids the flow and reading of the presented concepts.  It features famous works from world-renowned academics, written in context and a contemporary way.

Microleadership Is Designed to Challenge

As with all books of this nature, it challenges your current thinking on leadership.  For instance, In chapter 2, ‘Where are you going?’,  Hadyn writes about the characteristics of a leader.  One of the values is empathy.  In an age with heightened mental health awareness, empathy asks us to share someone else’s feelings or experiences.  This works by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation and actively take on another person’s feelings.  I think that compassion is more appropriate showing kindness and a willingness to help others.  A small point but Microleadership does get you to think about deeper, contemporary issues.  This is a strength of the book as a foundation.

30:10:5 Rule Infographic

Read for 30, Write for 10, Teach for 5

Final Thoughts

Haydn has produced a challenging guide to microleadership utilising everyday leadership as its foundation.  This is a modern leadership book that speaks in real terms, uses contemporary examples and is relevant to the world of today. Consequently,  this is a welcome break from the academic Harvard Press books of the world.  Buzzing with passion, you feel what Haydn’s Microleadership courses would be like before attending.  A brave book which takes on the big guns yet for me, it has a place in there. Bravo Haydn.

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