Book Review: ‘Closing the Gap’ by Teresa Boughey

Closing the Gap: About the Book

Insightful and informative, author Theresa Boughey presents a real-world approach to creating an inclusive culture through her book Closing the Gap.  As inclusivity becomes more important than ever, leaders and CEOs require a practical resource to refer to.  It emphasises the need for building excellence in inclusivity, which will be viewed by current employees and the next generation alike.
Closing the Gap provides a realistic and tactical approach from an experienced hand and relevant resources.  It is the references contained within that provide the contextual backdrop to the many of the elements within.  Consequently, the use of these references adds a real depth placing inclusivity at the heart of policy and culture.

Closing the Gap, Book Cover

Closing the Gap, 5 steps to creating an Inclusive Culture by Teresa Boughey

Closing the Gap’s TRIBE 5 Methodology

Teresa utilises the TRIBE5 methodology:

  1. Take Stock
  2. Raise Awareness
  3. Inspire and involve
  4. Build for the future
  5. Embed

This is a ‘review to implementation’ tool that adds real value.  More than a method to follow, there is justification through references and contemporary reports providing gravitas and context.  The point is to create and embed an inclusive culture and not just a cultural passing phase.  The references and reports underpin Closing the Gap as a foundation of ‘why’. Teresa then provides the how.
Closing the Gap goes a long way to provide a solid framework stopping short of tools for implementation.  This is right as each organisation differs and will require their own approach.

Real-World View

Some elements in the book were a pleasant surprise. Ones that you may not have considered.  For instance, chapters on male advocacy, ambassadors and allies were not only helpful. They also provide a real world view.  It is these elements that show you are reading the pages from a highly experienced and professional point of view.  Moreover, the viewpoints make complete sense and provide a pragmatism that elevates the book from a methodology to a pathway of implementation.
Closing the Gap will not solve your inclusivity issues. It will, however, provide an excellent starting point and a solid guide.

30:10:5 Reading Rule Explained

30 minutes to read, 10 minutes to write what you have learnt, 5 minutes to teach what you’ve learnt

Final Thoughts

Whether you are the CEO of a multi-national, owner of an SME or the person responsible for inclusivity, this book works. Stretching beyond the common understanding of inclusivity, Closing the Gap provides down to earth advice.  From recruitment to people development, for example, no matter the size of your organisation, the pages give you all you need.
Furthermore, it is just a great way to approach people fundamentals in an organisation. It goes way beyond a wishlist or ideas and provides common-sense approaches that every organisation could adopt with a little effort.
I highly recommend this book. Bravo Teresa.

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