Working together to deliver a very successful People Development Programme, together with our Sticky Learning ® unique training method, is about understanding what we need to do together to achieve the best possible results. Below is our 3 step set-up guide:

Number 1 Icon  A. Understanding Who

  1. Who is our liaison person for day-to-day management of the courses? E.g. Booking venues and arranging dates.
  2. Who chases learners when they have not completed their stuff? E.g. HBDI and Sticky Pieces.
  3. Who is our liaison person for reviewing progress? E.g. On a monthly basis, or at key milestones, discussing performance.
  4. Who is our liaison person for finalising the deal? E.g. Payment terms.
  5. Who is our liaison person for discussing evaluation?
  6. Who will write to the initial email informing the learners and their line manager of their training? We can draft that for you, if you wish.
  7. Who can we talk to that can get our website and emails ‘whitelisted’?
Number 2 Icon  B. Understanding How

  1. How can we get a list of all the Learners? Their names, titles, email addresses, dietary requirements, office locations, and accessibility.  We can provide an excel template to complete.
  2. How can we get a list of all the Learners’ Line Managers’ names and email addresses?
  3. How can we get the addresses of each site we will be training at and who is the arrival point of contact?
  4. How do the Leaners prefer to learn? – We will email all the learners asking them to complete a Learning Styles questionnaire.
Number 3 Icon C. Understanding What

  1. Draft Client Agreement for us to update and then sign.
  2. An example of an invite for a learner to join a course.
  3. An example of a Sticky Piece for learner from the Time Management course.
  4. An example of a supporting piece for Managers to enable them to help their learners.
  5. An example of an evaluation questionnaire for learner.
  6. An example of an evaluation questionnaire for a manager.
  7. An example chain of evidence report.

Understanding Terminology

  • Sticky Piece – A piece of activity that a Learner does between training courses.
  • Manager Piece – A piece of activity a line manager does to support their Learner.
  • Knowledge Vault – The place where resources are provided for the Learner, e.g. videos, blog posts, quizzes, etc.
  • Sticky Learning ® – MBM’s unique training method.
  • Client Manager – A person from MBM that manages the client.
  • Tutor – The trainer of a course.
  • ILO – Individual Learning Objective.
  • Learner – Person being trained.
  • Course – The days of training that we do e.g. Time Management.
  • Programme – A selection of courses that we use to describe the suite of courses for a client.
  • Programme Sponsor – Client person that is sponsoring the training programme.
  • Chain of Evidence – Our 5 level evaluation method that is provided to the Programme Sponsor.
  • Client Programme Planner – The excel file that manages the ‘People Programme’ containing courses, for a client.
  • Course Delivery Planner – The excel file that manages the delivery of all the necessary items for a course to happen.
  • Learners’ Database – A tab in the ‘Client Programme Planner’ that shows the client’s learners’ contact details, line manager, HBDI ® colour, learning style and the details around their engagement, e.g. Did they complete the ‘Teach Someone Else’.