This page lists all the PDF resources we use here at MBM. These may be helpful guides or information we use throughout our training courses


Competency framework category management

Top gun square dance

Top gun case study venue

Top gun case study shoes

Top gun case study second hand cars

Team building training course

6 ways to engage learners

Tips for an effective presentation

Preparing for success page

Project Plan Template

Different learning styles

Keepers template 

How to make a good first impression

Individual learning objective

Hill-topping 3 levels of questioning

Herrmann session slides extact 4

Herrmann session slides extact 3

Herrmann session slides extact 2 

Herrmann session slides extact 1 

How to set realistic goals 

Give your category an MOT in 3 steps 

Free guide are you frustrated by training

Example report chain of evidence 

Effective communication course

7 essential tips for a presentation

Developing leaders course

Crunchy conversations course

Category Management framework

Time management framework

Self Confidence framework

Presentation skills framework

People management framework

Networking framework

Negotiation skills framework

Learning skills framework 

Leadership framework

Influencing skills framework

Herrmann brain dominance instrument framework

Giving feedback framework

Delegation Framework

All skill frameworks

Conflict management framework

Communication skills framework

Category management frame work 2

Competency framework pack

Category management framework pack

Competency framework pack 2

Framework front cover

Category – strategy and tactics

MBM Project template

Opportunity Pyramid

Category management framework pack

Patrick Crease case study

Infographic of UK supermarket websites

Infographic of the big four supermarket websites

The Kirkpatrick four levels

How to outsources training to the best training provider infographic

Ultimate guide to HBDI

Seven Elements of effective negotiations

Expectations of the Audience

Category management best practice infographic

7 week time management challenge

Mistakes Suppliers make when selling to supermarkets

4 steps of learning

Discover simple and effective ways to evaluate your training

How to Evaluate Training Quickly and Easily to Understand Your ROI

How to Get Line Managers to Support the Skills Training of Their Teams

Discover simple and effective ways to encourage & support Line Managers to support the skills training

How to Get Employees to Use More of What They Have Learnt Volume 2

How do I remember more of what I have learnt from training

The clear truth about salad

How to Get Employees to Use More of What They Have Learnt Volume 1