Welcome to ‘Sticky Piece‘ 1 of 1 for your ‘Learning to Learn training course‘. The purpose of this page is to help you Realise, Retain and Recall what you learnt on the course and to help you achieve more at your future training courses.

Leaky Bucket 'WARNING: If you do not complete your Sticky Pieces you will lose a bucketful of your learning'

Please use the links below to navigate down to the section that you want more quickly:

  1. Reminder: A reminder of one piece that you learnt on the course, which will help you complete your actions
  2. Actions: Here are the actions that you need to do
  3. Review: How and why you need to review your mind maps/keepers regularly
  4. Vault: Your ‘Knowledge Vault’ of useful items that you can pick and choose to help you become an expert
Reminder - Sticky Pieces bow on finger

1. Reminder

View the slides from the training course. This is a pdf file and not clickable. Access to the Knowledge Vaults are restricted to Learners that have completed the Foundation day of each training course.


 Actions - Sticky Pieces checklist

2. Actions

Please teach 1 person 1 tool that you learnt within 48 hours. Stephen Covey recommends it.

Review - Sticky Pieces graph

3. Review

You’ll remember that we forget as time passes unless we regularly engage our brain in what we learnt. We suggest that you grab your mind maps/keepers and spend a few minutes reviewing what you wrote because you will help your brain realise what you learnt. This will lead to being able to retain more of what you learnt, which will help you recall more of what you learnt when you need it.

Vault - Knowledge Vault

4. Knowledge Vault

Glasses - Knowledge Vault ReadRead – more about Learning Styles.





Eye - Knowledge Vault WatchWatch – BJ Fogg talking about Forming Habits.





Tick Box - Do Knowledge VaultDo – a Learning Buddy meeting, here are 7 ways to be great.