Welcome to the Knowledge Vault for the ‘Influencing Skills‘ training programme. The purpose of this page is to help you continue your learning journey.


Below are various elements that you can Read, Watch and Do.

Vault - Knowledge vault for Presenting Skills


Red glasses - Read

Readthe Ultimate Guide on how to influence others.

Readpresence by Amy Cuddy.

Read – the blog on ‘What is emotional intelligence?’



Red glasses - watch

Watchhow to speak so people want to listen – the seven deadly sins of speaking, a TED talk that has been viewed over 18million times.

Watch – assertive communication to help you influence a customer or colleague in an assertive manner.

Watch – the science of persuasion, based on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Influence’.



Red checkbox - Do

Dounderstand the 5 main influencing styles.

Do – complete this questionnaire on MindTools to identify and increase your range of influencing tactics.

Docomplete this influencing questionnaire.



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