You have been invited by your business to attend, or more appropriately ‘Engage with your Managers Learning to Learn Overview’. We prefer to use ‘engage’ because ‘attendance’ seems to conjure up images of being entertained.

1. Engage: You can find out more about your course

To know more about the full course outline that your Learners will be engaging with please visit the Learning to Learn training course outline. You can find out about learning goals, learning objectives, duration, what others have said, and much, much more.

In essence the overview session is 60 minutes and by the end of this session you will:

  • Be aware of how and why new skills are lost so easily by Learners and how to support that challenge.
  • Be able to appreciate why Learners capture their own notes in a way that enables them to more easily recall and retain what they will learn.
  • Appreciate Learners learning styles and how to support them better.
  • Value the importance of the goal setting theory and how they can help the Learner better achieve what they want from training.
  • Understand what ‘Manager Pieces’ are and what the evaluations will look like.
  • Know the importance of a Learning Buddy and how useful it can be to the Learners.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Learning to Learn Overview.
  • Expectations and requirements.
  • What great engagement looks like and doesn’t look like from a Learner and a Manager.
  • Sticky Pieces’ examples and process map.
  • Manager Pieces’ examples and process map.
  • Learning evaluations (Manager and Learner examples).
  • Q&A.

2. Logistics: Getting to your overview

You will have had details about the session; where it is, what time it starts, your tutor, etc. If you have any questions about the logistics, please contact us or reply to your email.

We will normally wait for everyone to arrive before we start because ‘catching-up’ on a course does not work due to the design of the course relying on each session building on the previous session. Please ensure that you leave plenty of time to arrive ready to start before the start time. Thank you.

If you cannot attend the overview due to a last-minute problem or are going to be late, please call MBM Helpline – 0333 247 2012 (Please save this number to your phone).

3. Actions: Here are actions that you need to do

Not Applicable to this event.