You have been invited by your business to attend, or more appropriately Foundation training course. We prefer to use ‘engage’ because ‘attendance’ seems to conjure up images of being entertained. We do hope you’ll be entertained, but more importantly, we like Learners to be engaged because you will get the most from a day that is engaging.

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  1. Engage: You can find out more about your course
  2. Logistics: Getting to your day
  3. Objective: Your individual learning objective
  4. Actions: Here are the actions that you need to do

1. Engage: You can find out more about your course

To know more about the course outline please visit this page and then the relevant page for your course, where you can find out about learning goals, learning objectives, duration, what others have said and much, much more.

On the day you can expect to be with around 11 other colleagues and a tutor. Our objective is to provide an environment that is conducive to learning, which, for us, means that we are all casually dressed, the sessions are varied, and there is an aire of not taking ourselves too seriously, yet wanting to ensure that the learnings are taken away.

Throughout the day you can expect some ‘espresso’ sessions which are short, sharp ‘hits’ of learning and other, more extended sessions, plus plenty of learning to discuss with your learning buddy and a quiz at the end of the day to ensure that you have taken the learnings that you need to.

2. Logistics: Getting to your day

You will have had details about the day; where it is, what time it starts, your tutor, etc. If you have any questions about the logistics of the day, please contact us or reply to your email.

We will normally wait for everyone to arrive before we start because ‘catching-up’ on a course does not work due to the design of the course relying on each session building on the previous session throughout the day. Please ensure that you leave ample time to arrive ready to start before the start time. Thank you.

If you cannot attend the day due to a last-minute problem or are going to be late, please call MBM Helpline – 0333 247 2012 (Please save this number to your phone).

3. Objective: Your individual learning objective

Sticky Learning Brain - MBM Training Provider

The most important part about the your training course, over the next 3-6 months, is your individual learning objective. In essence, what do you want to achieve from the effort you are putting in? Here are some guidelines about identifying your individual learning objective:

  • Review the training course learning objectives because your individual learning objective must have a strong link to what the course teaches.
  • You must agree your individual learning objective with your line manager because you’ll need their support to achieve it.
  • Your individual learning objective is achievable within 1 month of the Foundation day.
  • Your individual learning objective must be SMART, i.e: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

The following good examples are applicable to our time management course. For your course, i.e. influencing skills, you will need an ILO that is appropriate to learning that skill:

  • “Within 30 days of completing this course I will have a project list that is assessed weekly against by KPI’s/KRA’s”.
  • “At 30 days after this course I will have implemented the following 3 tools into my category; A, B and C”.
  • “By <date> I will have saved <£number> by preparing properly for each negotiation”.

Man about to explode 'Set your goals' - MBM Training Provider

This is the poster from Learning To Learn. Here are the other poster.

4. Actions: Here are actions that you need to do

4.1 Identifying Your Individual Learning Objective

Please discuss your individual learning objective with your line manager and agree your individual learning objective. Once agreed, email, and copy your line manager.

If you are struggling to complete these actions, please contact us with your questions and a tutor will help you within 48 hours.

4.2 Identifying Your Current Skill Level

Simply print the appropriate competency framework page from this competency frameworks slide deck. Then identify your current skill level and which skill level you want to achieve by the end of the training programme.

Proud to be CPD Accredited

We are proud to say that all MBM training courses are now CPD accredited – The independent accreditation centre.

Accredited CPDThis means that for Learners and our clients, that an industry leading body has independently assessed our training structure materials, and tutors, and given them all accreditation. Learners that are accruing CPD Points/Credits/Merits can now earn them on our training courses.