Time Management Expert Webinar: Are You Trapped in Your Inbox?

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7 Ways to Manage Your Emails Better and Get the High Impact Work Done

Most people feel overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive. They know that they need to get away from their inbox. They just don’t know how. This leaves them frustrated, and stressed, and feeling that they cannot switch off. Is this you?

Discover 7 practical ways to get away from your inbox so that you can get the high impact work done. Feel less trapped. Less stressed. And more satisfied at work.

Details of the Webinars

  • 45 minutes each.
  • Delivered by our very own Time Management guru Darren Smith
  • Up to 25 people.
  • 3 booking time slots will be offered for you to choose one.
  • Once you have purchased, you will be sent your unique link for you to attend at your chosen date and time.


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