PDF’s: Ultimate Guides

PDF’s: Ultimate Guides

Our Ultimate Guides of 14 soft skills will help to improve the skills that you apply both in your business and personal life.

MBM Ultimate Guides

Here you can purchase each ultimate guide as a PDF. Each guide is written by an expert in their specific field(s).

In each one, you will find a comprehensive overview and detailed discussion of a particular soft skill. Furthermore, you will find useful definitions and relevant tools and frameworks that can help your business.

There are 14 to choose from:

Category Management

Read our Ultimate Guide to Category Management to learn how to land more category opportunities and how to create a category plan.

Coaching Skills

Learn more about Executive Coaching in business today and how you and your business can benefit from it.

Communication Skills

Read our guide to Communication Skills to learn more effective Communication Skills and tips.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Our Ultimate Guide to Conflict Resolution Skills will help you develop useful strategies for resolving disputes in the workplace and beyond. This page also features the Conflict Resolution Skills Infographic.


Written by our founder, Darren A. Smith, this article gives useful extracts from his book ‘A Complete Understanding of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice’, and sheds light on the GSCOP regulations.


Learn more about the ways you think and harness it to improve your work practices by discovering the HBDI psychometric test.

Influencing Skills

Influencing and persuasion skills are essential in modern business.  Learn how to make others buy into your ideas, products and outlook by discovering some useful skills and tips. You can find the Ultimate Influencing Skills Infographic here as well.

Leadership Skills

In this Ultimate Guide, we aim to help you navigate this huge topic and give you insight into the qualities, pitfalls and different approaches to leadership. Also contains the Ultimate Leadership Skills Infographic.

Myers Briggs

Knowing your Myers Briggs Type Indicator helps explain why you do what you do. Read our Ultimate Guide to Myers Briggs to learn more about the different MBTI types. Additionally, you can take the test to find out which you are. This page also has the Ultimate MBTI Infographic.

Negotiation Skills

Read our negotiation skills guide to learn some useful negotiation strategies and techniques. Win more by improving your style and approach. You can also find in this page the Ultimate Negotiation Skills Infographic

People Management Skills

Learn how to get the best out of your people and create a happy and productive working environment.

Presentation Skills

Being able to present well is an essential skill for modern business. Shake off the nerves and learn some essential presentation skills to wow your audience. This page also contains the Ultimate Presentation Skills Infographic.

Team Building Skills

Happy team members can help significantly improve organisational performance. Our Ultimate Guide to Team Building Skills will help you extract the most from your team.

Time Management Skills

Read our Ultimate Guide to Time Management and take our 7-Week Time Management Challenge. It will help you become less overwhelmed, more proactive, and finally be able to finish what you start!



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