Masterclass: Supplier Time Management



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Masterclass for Supplier Time Management

This 1/2 day Masterclass is for Sales and Marketing teams working for suppliers to the major UK supermarkets who want to increase their productivity, and effectiveness, and be better able to achieve their KPI’s, whilst delivering the needs of their supermarket buyers (Here are details of the full-Time Management training programme).

For further information, you can find our Ultimate Guide to Time Management Skills here.


Supplier Time Management Course Overview

Many people are being held to ransom by their inbox, working long hours and struggling to achieve their KPI’s. Our masterclass will share with you tools that will help you identify why you are on the payroll, how you can do more of what you are paid to do, and feel more satisfied at the end of each day.

Our Masterclass is delivered by an ex-supermarket buyer to the big four supermarkets and he will share with you his experience of being an in-box junkie and how he became skilled with his time.

Learning Objectives for the Supplier Time Management Masterclass

By the end of this masterclass you will be able to:

  • Capture learnings better.
  • Recognise your broad strengths and weaknesses in Time Management.
  • Conduct more effective meetings.
  • Delegate with more confidence that the task will get done.
  • Say yes more wisely and no more often.
  • Write a more useful daily to do list.

Masterclass Investment, Time and Duration for Supplier Time Management

Each Masterclass is a 1/2 day, for up to 12 people and only costs £900 including VAT (£62.50 per person). To achieve this cost we require an hour with a decision maker to discuss training.


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