Masterclass: Must Win Meetings

Must Win Meetings Masterclass

This 1/2 day Masterclass is for Sales and Marketing teams working for suppliers to the major UK supermarkets, who know that there are some meetings with the supermarkets that you absolutely need to win because losing would be catastrophic to business. Here are details of the full Must Win Meetings product.

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Must win meetings masterclass

Course Overview of the Must Win Meetings Masterclass

We have been working with suppliers to the big four UK supermarkets for over a decade helping Sales and Marketing Teams to prepare and ‘nail’ important pitches; Joint Business Plans (JBPs), Tenders and Category Captains.

Sales Directors are always concerned that the meeting will ‘not go their way’ and then the impact on the bottom line is huge. And they regret not doing more. Using our support, we will improve your chances using our tools learnt from working for supermarkets, and working with great suppliers.

Our Masterclass is delivered by an ex-supermarket buyer to the big four supermarkets, and he will share with you his experience of what suppliers got right — and got wrong — in the 1,500 supplier meetings that he attended.

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Must Win Meetings Masterclass Learning Objectives

Must Win Meetings Masterclass Learning Objectives

By the end of this Masterclass you will be able to:

  • Capture learnings better.
  • Recognise why must win meetings work and do not work.
  • Know what the audience is thinking before the meeting.
  • Identify an end in mind and why it is important.
  • Prepare thoroughly for a meeting to achieve the end in mind.
  • Use the most effective presentation tools to achieve the end in mind.
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Our masterclasses are 1/2 each for up to 12 people

Investment, Time and Duration of the Must Win Meetings Masterclass

Each Masterclass is a 1/2 day, for up to 12 people and only costs £900 including VAT (£62.50 per person). To achieve this cost we require an hour with a decision maker to discuss training.

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Feedback from clients who has taken part in our masterclass

Feedback from the Must Win Meetings Masterclass

“MBM took us on an eye-opening journey with the Must Win Meetings masterclass. The team was highly engaged, and I think the value lies in the breadth of material covered. While all of the course was informative and insightful, what I observed was each member of the team encouraged to hone in on just one or two techniques that most resonated with them, and to explore that in more depth. I think this is a great approach to learning, as it makes the course more personalised. Many thanks MBM, we look forward to working with you more in the future”.
Guy Wootton, Director of Category & Insight, Moy Park



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