HR Manager’s Kit

HR Manager’s Kit

Many HR Managers share with us that they want to help their people be better. Yet, they don’t have the budget, the resources, the time, and sometimes all 3. We designed the ‘HR Manager’s Kit’ to help you to help others to be the best version of themselves. Here’s how you could use some of the kit:

  • Line managers tell you that their people are not performing. Offer them the GROW coaching cards and encourage them to solve their own problem by coaching their people. Moving from telling their teams what to do to enable their teams to do it for themselves.
  • Bottom-line profit is a continuous battleground for the team. Encourage the Sales Director to hold a meeting with his/her team and use the negotiation coaching cards to find new ways to increase profits.
  • Struggling to measure soft skills performance? Use the competency framework by asking individuals to self-assess themselves. And then identify actions to improve to the next level.

Each item in the kit will help you to be the best version of you – the HR Manager.

What is included:

  1. Leadership Coaching Cards
  2. Mental Health Coaching Cards
  3. Time Management Coaching Cards 
  4. Category Management Coaching Cards
  5. GROW Coaching Cards
  6. Negotiation Skills Coaching Cards
  7. New Manager Coaching Cards
  8. Learning Skills Coaching Cards
  9. Presentation Skills Coaching Cards
  10. HBDI Coaching Cards
  11. Competency Framework
  12. HR Leaders e-book voucher
  13. HR Infographic Poster
  14. Line Manager Infographic Poster
  15. Outsourced Infographic Poster
  16. Herrmann Profile
  17. Desk Tents
  18. Motivational Posters
  19. A5 Laminates Soft Skills
  20. Voucher for any 1 e-learning course



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