HFSS: High in Fat, Salt or Sugar Foods: UK Law Comes into Force on the 1st April 2022


Are You Ready? How Will You Manage? Know the Impact.

UK legislation is planned to go before Parliament in the Summer of 2021. This will be passed into Law from the 1st April 2022, which means that there will be a formal ban on the specific siting in store of HFSS food products. Moreover, it will ban volume-driven promotions such as multi-buys and extra free.

11 am to 12 pm (1-hour) on the 30th July 2021. The Early Bird discount – £25.00 to £17.50 – applies until the 9th July 2021.

This webinar is proudly delivered through the partnership of Wanzl and MBM.

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High in Fat, Salt or Sugar Foods New Laws

The Government finished consulting in February 2021 on plans that would herald the biggest single intervention into UK diets since rationing during the Second World War. The legal restriction on the siting and promotion of HFSS food products.

*** The implementation of HFSS might be delayed until October 2022.

Legislation to Protect Our Children

Over a fifth of children in England are obese or overweight by the time they start primary school at the age of 5. This rises to more than one third by the time they leave primary school aged 11 (Gov.UK: Dept of Health & Social Care).

Types of HFSS Foods

The list of high-fat salt sugar products that will be covered by the new HFSS regulations is enormous. Driven by the Department of Health’s own Nutrient Profiling Model (see Appendix 1), prepacked food and drink in the following categories will be in the scope of the restrictions:

Soft drinks, cakes, chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionery, ice cream, morning goods (for example pastries), puddings, sweet biscuits, breakfast cereals, yoghurts, milk-based drinks with added sugar, juice-based drinks with added sugar, pizza, ready meals, meal centres, including breaded and battered products, crisps and savoury snacks, chips and similar potato products.

Read the HFSS article to know more (Opens in new tab). Or watch our 12-minute video.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Webinar you will:

  1. Be informed about the trends of children’s health, which is informing the HFSS law.
  2. Know what is happening regarding the government’s timelines for HFSS.
  3. Be able to explain the impact of the new HFSS law.
  4. Understand 3 examples of how the law will impact foods being sold in supermarkets.
  5. Have the knowledge of the siting challenges facing supermarkets and suppliers that sell and supply HFSS foods.
  6. Have the knowledge of the promotional challenges facing supermarkets and suppliers that sell and supply HFSS foods.
  7. Be given the opportunity to ask questions of our expert panel for up to 15-minutes.

Ideal Learners for this Training Course

This 60-minute webinar has been designed to inform supermarket buyers, their category managers, & their technologists, and the supermarkets’ supplier’s account managers, their category managers, and their technologists, that manage HFSS foods.

Webinar Learning Content

The webinar is split into 5 parts:

  • Part #1:
    • Russell Sylvester will share the health trends for kids that have led up to the government’s legislation
  • Part #2:
    • Andrew Grant will share his understanding of the legislation’s timeline and the broad impacts.
  • Part #3:
    • Andy Palmer will share examples of how the new legislation may impact siting and promotions of HFSS products.
  • Part #4:
    • Marc Radforth shares how we can all navigate the law and support each other through this change.
  • Part #5:
    • Darren A. Smith will host questions from the webinar attendees, asking the panel for their thoughts.

Learning Delivery

Your Speakers/Panelists/Moderator:

Headshot of Marc Radforth
Marc has worked in the world of grocery for many years

Marc Radforth of Wanzl UK – Speaker

Marc is the Sales and Marketing Director of Wanzl UK and Ireland – the UK’s largest provider of equipment for grocery retailers. Marc has over 18 years of experience in supporting UK and Irish retailers in adapting to changing consumer shopping demands.

Headshot of Russell Sylvester
Russell is an expert in the world of grocery

Russell Sylvester of Nielsen IQ – Speaker

Russell is the European Market Leader for the Connect Partner Network of Nielsen IQ. He has spent many years in the world of grocery and now heads up Nielsen IQ’s partner programme across Europe.

David Warren - Head of Category at Nestle
David Warren – Head of Category at Nestle

David Warren of Nestle – Panelist

David is the Head of Category and Channel Sales Development at Nestle leading a team of 10, responsible for Category and Channel Strategy, Commercial Planning, Revenue Growth Management, Shopper Marketing snd Sales Operations. he was also the Head of Category at the New York Bakery Company and at Dairy Crest.

Headshot of Paul Rowland
Paul is from Home Bargains & has managed stores for many years

Paul Rowland of TJ Morris (Home Bargains) – Panelist

Paul has been managing stores since 2008. He started in Asda, where he progressed to Senior Director. Then taking up positions in senior management for Bestway and Iceland. He is now the Operations Director for TJ Morris (Home Bargains).

Headshot of Andrew Grant in front of white wall
Andrew Grant is known as MBM’s Grocery Guru

Andrew Grant of MBM – Speaker

Andrew was a Tesco Buying Director, worked at Tesco in buying for over 23 years and was responsible for over £2.2.bn of groceries. His experience spans fresh, wine, and packaged goods. He is also regarded as a leading authority on competition law and GSCOP.

Headshot of Andy Palmer
Andy Palmer is an expert in category management and HBDI

Andy Palmer of MBM – Speaker

Andy was a Category Manager for a large produce supplier and has specialised in category Management for over 25 years, enabling MBM to become a silver partner to Nielsen IQ. He has achieved a great many accolades from training people in Category Management, not least of which is Newell.

Headshot of Darren A. Smith
Darren A. Smith is the founder of MBM

Darren A. Smith of MBM – Moderator

Darren was a Trading Manager at Sainsbury’s, worked at Sainsbury’s for over 13 years, and was responsible for over £1bn of produce. His experience spans ready meals, produce, and frozen foods. He is a writer for The Grocer, a contributor to Forbes magazine, and has appeared many times on the BBC.

Equipment Needed

The delivery will use Microsoft Teams. You do not need to be subscribed to Microsft Teams. You will just need a laptop, with good internet access. For the webinar, you will be sent an internet address to click on, where you can watch the speakers/trainers, and interact by asking questions in the chat.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only one person per log-in will be allowed, i.e. you cannot buy one ticket and have more than one person at the computer.
  • You cannot record these virtual classrooms. There is detection software built into Microsoft Teams that can detect if the class is being recorded. Detection of a recording will be fined.
  • The webinar is to be held on the 30th July 2021 at 11 am UK time. No refunds or recordings will be provided for late or no-show attendees.
  • Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information shown and verbalised in the webinar is accurate,  Neither MBM nor its partners shall be liable for errors or omissions.​ The information shared is a guide only and does not provide specific advice for your products or businesses.​

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