HBDI Profile


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The HBDI® assessment is a highly validated survey resulting in a profile of your preferred approaches to thinking. This profile will help you develop insight on how you learn, make decisions, work in teams, solve problems and communicate.
The survey measures preferences not skills. It is not a test; there are no wrong answers. Please respond to the questions as honestly as possible, keeping in mind your total self, at work as well as at home.

  • Be sure to ask your Practitioner about getting access to the HBDI® Mobile App.
  • Your HBDI® Certified Practitioner will provide you with your results.


Buy Your Own HBDI Profile:

The HBDI assessment cost is £95. Please email helpme@makingbusinessmatter.co.uk for group discounts.
On completion of payment a link will be sent to you, with instruction to complete the questionnaire and receive your profile.
The average time it takes to complete the questionnaire (in one session) is 20 minutes. You can, of course, complete the questionnaire in multiple sessions