HBDI® Coaching Cards

Get more from your HBDI profile with these HBDI Coaching Cards

Are You Keen to Make Better Decisions, Communicate & Present More Effectively and Improve Your Feedback?

These coaching cards will help you to get more out of your and other people’s HBDI® profiles.

Using these HBDI Coaching Cards will enable you to:

  • Improve the decisions you make.
  • Communicate and present more effectively to your audience.
  • Give feedback in a way that will be received positively.

Who are HBDI® Coaching Cards For?

People who have a desire to get more from their and their teams HBDI ® Whole Brain thinking profiles. These cards can be used by a line manager to coach a member of their team, or for self-coaching.

What Do You Receive?

68 HBDI® Coaching cards. The size of playing cards. Separated into the 3 stages; how to improve your communication & presentation skills, how to improve your decision-making skills and how to improve your feedback.

Screenshot of MBM video on HBDI coaching cards
Our HBDI coaching card video shows you what you get in the deck and how to use the cards.


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HBDI Coaching Cards Free Online Tool

Here you can find one 3rd of the pack free. The printed deck you can buy is 68 cards.

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