MBM e-Learning Courses

£48.00 £29.00

e-Learning courses

Over 40 courses to choose from at a discounted price of £29!


£48.00 £29.00

MBM e-Learning Courses

Over 40 e-learning courses to choose from listed below. Please click the e-learning course title for more information.

Here is a list of the courses we offer:

Building, Leadership, and Management

  1. Business Essentials
  2. CPD Conflict Management (CPD Certified)
  3. CPD Induction of New Staff (CPD Certified)
  4. CPD Leading and Motivating a Team (CPD Certified)
  5. CPD Organising and Delegating (CPD Certified)
  6. CPD Performance Management (CPD Certified)
  7. CPD Planning and Allocating Work (CPD Certified)
  8. CPD Solving Problems and Making Decisions (CPD Certified)
  9. CPD Stress Management (CPD Certified)
  10. CPD Understanding Leadership (CPD Certified)

Health and Safety

  1. CPD COSHH Risk Assessment (CPD Certified)
  2. CPD DSE Risk Assessment (CPD Certified)
  3. CPD Fire Safety Principles (CPD Certified)
  4. CPD Health and Safety in the Workplace (CPD Certified)
  5. CPD Manual Handling Safety in the Workplace (CPD Certified)
  6. CPD Prevention and Control of Infection (CPD Certified)

Health and Social

  1. CPD Mental Health Awareness (CPD Certified)
  2. CPD Safeguarding Adults and Children (CPD Certified)
  3. CPD Understanding Anxiety (CPD Certified)
  4. CPD Understanding Depression (CPD Certified)
  5. CPD Understanding Eating Disorders (CPD Certified)
  6. CPD Understanding Stress (CPD Certified)
  7. CPD Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication (CPD Certified)

Retail and Hospitality 

  1. CPD Food Safety Awareness (CPD Certified)
  2. CPD Prepare to Deliver Excellent Customer Service (CPD Certified)

Personal Development and Employability

  1. CPD General Data Protection Regulation (CPD Certified)
  2. CPD Induction Essentials (CPD Certified)
  3. CPD Introduction to First Aid – Zone 1 (CPD Certified)
  4. CPD Introduction to First Aid – Zone 2 (CPD Certified)
  5. CPD Introduction to First Aid – Zone 3 (CPD Certified)
  6. CPD Introduction to First Aid – Zone 4 (CPD Certified)
  7. CPD Personal Money Management (CPD Certified)
  8. CPD Rights and Responsibilities (CPD Certified) 
  9. CPD Understanding Equality and Diversity (CPD Certified)
  10. First Aid Programme 

Health and Fitness

  1. CPD Explore the Principles of Healthy Eating (CPD Certified)
  2. CPD Principles of Weight Management (CPD Certified)
  3. CPD Understanding the Principles of Exercise and Fitness (CPD Certified)

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