How to become a GSCOP Ninja

According to Christine Tacon, the Groceries Code Adjudicator, almost a quarter of suppliers do not understand the Code, and almost 1 in 2 have had no training in how the Code can protect them (Source: GCA YouGov Annual Survey 2019).

Don’t Buy this Training and Take these Risks

This is a concern for a supplier because you:

  • Will not know if your Buyer is acting illegally.
  • Might be exposed without a supplier agreement.
  • You might be losing money responding to an incorrect Buyer’s request.
  • Supermarket Buyers are trained every year, by law.

Why Buy this GSCOP Training?

This GSCOP e-learning product has been written by an ex-Tesco Buying Director. Plus, he has been delivering GSCOP training for 9 years.

What are the Learning Objectives?

The learning objectives for this e-learning GSCOP course are – by the end of this training you will be able to:

  1. Know why GSCOP was introduced, what it is and who it affects.
  2. Understand some of the common misconceptions around GSCOP.
  3. Know the various information sources available to you in order to get help, advice and support on any GSCOP issue.
  4. Explain how GSCOP affects you as a supplier.
  5. Realise how GSCOP affects the way in which supermarkets will negotiate with you.
  6. Understand your rights as a supplier under the GSCOP legislation and what you should do if you want to make a complaint about supermarkets’ buying practices.
  7. Know the positive results achieved by the Adjudicator’s ‘collaborative’ approach and how they can help and protect you as a supplier.

What Can You Expect from this Course?

Once you have been you will be sent Part 0 – The Welcome email. This will explain what will happen and how you can make it stick. Then, each week, you will be sent a new part. In week 1 you will receive Part #1, In week 2 you will receive Part #2, etc.

We have purposefully made this training across 7 weeks because then you only need to do 30-minutes per week (10 minutes reading followed by an exercise), combined of some reading each week, followed by an exercise. To be honest, GSCOP can be a little dry as it is a piece of UK law. This way we ensure that we capture your full attention to make it stick.

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