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£875.00 / month

Don’t Let Your Employees get Exposed

The UK Competition Law and GSCOP Law can have grave effects on companies. The fines are 10% and 1% of turnover, respectively. This monthly support acts as a reassurance policy providing 3 key things to help your employees to not fall foul of Competition Law or GSCOP Law:

  • An expert on hand
  • Drip-fed snippets
  • Up-to-date on changes

How does this Monthly support work?

You pay monthly. You can stop your subscription at any time by letting us know.


£875.00 / month

Competition Law and GSCOP Law Monthly Support

This Competition Law and GSCOP Law monthly support are for those companies that want an expert to speak with when they need it, to keep the laws front of mind with regular engaging snippets, and who want to enable their employees to stay up to date with changes in the law. In essence, keeping your business safe from potential fines.

Included in this Monthly Support – What you can Expect?

  • An expert on hand: An expert available by phone or email to answer your queries on both laws, as and when they happen, so that they cab solved before they escalate.
  • Drip-fed snippets: An email every 2 weeks showing an engaging piece of content to keep these laws front of mind. For example, an infographic, a short video, or a short article.
  • Up-to-date on changes: Ad-hoc emails sharing the latest changes in both laws or the most relevant content. For example, a write-up of the Co-op investigation, and what it means.

Who is this Business Safe Support for?

Companies that supply UK retailers – Suppliers. Ideal for front-facing people, like Account Managers, Category Managers, NPD Managers, Sales Directors, and Category Directors. For example, ‘My buyer is making a proposal that contravenes GSCOP. What should I do?’, or ‘Should we share retail price data with our supermarkets?’.

How Does this Monthly Support Work?

A little like British Gas homecare. You pay monthly and that gives you peace of mind that you have an expert to call on when you need one. You can stop your monthly support at any time by letting us know.

Moneyback Guarantee

If this monthly support is not what you wanted, simply complete a contact us telling us why. Read our returns policy to find out how.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This is NOT legal advice. This is behavioural advice on how to manage real situations with retailers. We can refer you to our legal partner, and they will then quote for their support.
  2. The fair use policy is a maximum of 2 calls per week per client.
  3. You simply provide us with all the names and email addresses of people in your company that you wish to receive the emails, and who can ask for support.



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