eBook: The Top 7 Challenges for HR Managers

HR Managers: The Top 7 Challenges eBook

HR Managers: Helping fast-paced HR professionals succeed in high-pressure environments is a single point of collected insights and solutions by successful HR and L&D professionals.

With the high demands of work-life, culture, employee engagement, and continuous learning it would be helpful to have a central reserve of ideas and reminders that will help HR leaders to excel in their role, and this book does that. It covers the Top 7 challenges of HR managers & professionals, providing a mixture of viewpoints, actionable solutions, concepts to incorporate that can be actioned immediately that will enable you to map your skill sets, improve employee engagement, create diversity and inclusion.

If you’re looking to future-proof your business, you need to future-proof your people and that starts in HR.

Read Excerpts From the HR Book

On Retaining talent;

“What are the 5 main drivers of retention?

In order to answer that we need to first look at the reasons why they’re leaving and then reverse engineer the solution and in doing so we can answer some of the key elements that surround understanding; how do you retain employees without money?”‘The Top 7 Challenges for HR Manager’

On Managing Change;

“How do you manage change in the workplace?

Communicate, communicate, communicate. I’m not sure I can say it any clearer, but with my understanding and experience of how many corporations work, I will have to.

The first stage is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about WIIFT – ‘What’s In It For Them’. Then you can start to get clear on what’s important, what do they need to hear and how do they need to hear it.” – ‘The Top 7 Challenges for HR Manager’

On Employee Engagement;

“Why is employee experience so important?

…if we want people to deliver to their highest possible level, we need to deeply understand the experience that each person has at every step of their journey. As we start to understand the journey, from their perspective we can then start to build, adjust and develop an experience that people want to be a part of and stay a part of.” – ‘The Top 7 Challenges for HR Manager’

“Commit time and resources to understand what the employee experience is at each stage of an employee life cycle and actively seek feedback that is then acted upon.” Shakil Butt

On Continuous Learning and Development;

“Although the likes of Maslow and several other psychologists highlight the raft of human needs there are actually only 2 that sits behind this. Growth and Contribution. We want to grow in order to be able to contribute more, and as a result of the others growth, we learn how to contribute more” ‘The Top 7 Challenges for HR Manager’

On Leadership development;

“It’s okay for a leader to show vulnerability and admit they do not have all the answers to their people and to ask for help with business challenges.” – Shakil Butt

“Leadership, moreover leading is about being in front. Heading up the charge as it were and supporting the march into tomorrow’s successes. But as the cliché meme says tomorrow’s successes are made on decisions made today. People change, organisations evolve, so how do we make sure that tomorrow’s charge has the right people leading it, from the front, grown from within the ranks to step up, pick up the mantle and the flag and keep progressing forward?

If you want a stronger tomorrow, you need to start putting in the reps today. If you want stronger leaders tomorrow you need to start developing tomorrow’s talent, today.” ‘The Top 7 Challenges for HR Manager’

On diversity;

“What is Diversity in the workplace?… In short, it’s about stimulating and creating inclusivity. Encouraging an appetite within HR and L&D for inclusion and creating a mindset that welcomes it. Supporting hr managers to make sure they are assessing the right elements of a candidate for the role, and for the business to bring in new approaches and thinking” – ‘The Top 7 Challenges for HR Manager’.

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