Be the Best Version of Yourself with these Desk Tents

Be the Best Version of Yourself with these Desk Tents

Many people have found desk tents really useful. In fact, they are on desks up and down the country, and worldwide!

The business world is becoming ever more challenging. The demands on our time are relentless, and the need to be the very best version of ourselves has never been needed more.

We believe in giving something back. That’s why we have taken our hundreds of years of experience across our training team and developed more free resources for you, the supplier to a UK supermarket. That’s more than any other company in the world!

Included on the Desk Tent


Over 250 x 1-Minute Self Development Videos. Each one designed to cram in a practical tip to help you be the best version of yourself. From Time Management tips to Influencing, to Negotiation Skills.

Articles (Blog)

Your free desk tent provides links to over 300 Articles about Personal Development. All of our articles have been written with you in mind. If you are a Category Manager,an HR Manager, a NAM, or an MD, we have an article for you. As long as you work for a supplier to a UK supermarket, you will find them useful. You can also review the articles by topic, e.g. ‘Negotiation Skills’ if you search by category.


Our Podcasts are written around Short and Sticky stories to help them stay with you. They are specifically designed to be only 10 – 20 minutes long. This is because it is the ideal focus time. Ideal to listen to in the car, or when you are running. Each one will end with practical tips that you can do straight away.


Over 30 infographics for you to read and use. From 11 tips to communicate to write more effectively, to the key information about GSCOP, to why engaged employees are worth having.

Ultimate Guides

On your desk tent, you will see links to our Ultimate Guides. Our 14 Ultimate Guides are the final word for each soft skills. Each one is over 5,000 words and is packed with exclusive interviews and images that bring to life key meanings and practical tips.


We have whitepapers that are specifically for HR Managers, and those that are designed for NAMs/Category Managers. We are very proud to say that our HR whitepapers have a foreword by Charles Jennings. The Founder of 70:20:10. Our Category Management whitepapers have been written from our extensive experience of Category Management over the last 25 years, and are very practical. You can also buy our Time Management workbook, from Amazon.


Each week we have 1-2 free webinars. The topics are either about the UK Grocery Industry, Category Management, making learning stick, or it will tackle a specific problem. For example, ’21 mistakes we make with emails and how to avoid them all’. To keep up to date with our webinars, just follow MBM on Linkedin or go to webinars.

Exclusive Interviews

Lastly, included on your desk tent is something we’re particularly proud of. We have been able to secure time with some top business influencers. They kindly shared their expertise in 45-minute interviews with us. For example, Lord Mark Price (Ex-MD of Waitrose) spoke about his passion for employee engagement, and how important it was for the success of any business. Just go to our Youtube channel and type ‘Interview’ in the search area.


Moneyback Guarantee

If our products do not help you to be the best version of yourself, tell us. Simply complete a contact us telling us why. Post them back to us and we’ll refund you. Read our returns policy to find out how.

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