Are You Struggling to Give Feedback to a Colleague and It Is Not Landing as Intended? – Friday 28th September, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM BST



Product Description

Discover How to give feedback to get an Impact.

Do you struggle to give meaningful feedback? Feeling of nervousness, that the message might be taken the wrong way, so instead you say nothing?

This 30 minute webinar will introduce a Feedback structure to help you, not only to get your message across but have a positive impact on helping the other person change.

Managers know that their employees are more productive if they are engaged at work. Recent research showed that employees are 12% more productive, meaning engagement is really important and delivering constructive feedback forms a huge part of that.


What Our Clients Say

It was 30 minutes of engagement on the subject. My organisation uses the SBI model and I had a fair understanding of the same. However post this session, I am now more clearer on the SBI model in detail and with practical application of the concept.

Sanjeev Mittal, Amazon