Well Done for Completing your Executive Coaching.

Thank You for Being ‘Up for it’

Coaching can be tough. It can be rewarding. It can sometimes be a little like counselling. Either way, we hope that you got the most from your coaching sessions.

Getting the Most from Your Coaching Experience 

As you probably know, if you make no changes in your behaviour the return on the time you invested being coached will be zero. We don’t want that. As the ‘Forgetting Curve‘ explains, if we don’t apply what we learned, we’ll lose 80% of it within 30 days.

Purple graph titled The Forgetting Curve

Action: Speak with your Line Manager to agree at least one thing that you will continue/start to do. It might be to write a daily to-do list, put yourself forward to speak at presentations, or to share what you have learned with others.

Demonstrating Your Return on Investment

Your coach will have asked you complete, with them, a return on investment form. The purpose of this form was to be able to show to your Line Manager, and business, that you got what you needed, and that it was a positive ROI. Hopefully, it was. If you have agreed with your coach absolute confidentiality, or that they will share only some parts of the form, that will be adhered to.

Action: If you have any doubts, or did not complete the form, please contact your coach.

Your Feedback Please

Please contact us and let us know your thoughts. Your coach has probably asked you, in your last session. Would you like to add anything? Or tell us only? Or pass on your thanks through a testimonial that we can publish? Please contact us and let us know. Thank you.

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