OISA: Oxford International Supplier Academy

What is the O.I.S.A (Oxford International Supplier Academy)?

This is a subsidiary of Making Business Matter. MBM is a soft skills training provider based in Oxford, United Kingdom. The Oxford International Supplier Academy was established together with Riad Beladi of International Supermarket News (ISN) to provide solutions for suppliers wishing to supply supermarkets.


Logo with Oxford International Supplier Academy in blue with badge on the left

Oxford International Supplier Academy logo

What is the Aim of the OISA?

The aim of the OISA is to support suppliers based to better understand what is needed from them to supply a supermarket such as Tesco, Ahold, Wal-Mart, and alike.

What are the Credentials of the OISA?

MBM has been trading since 2002 and has trained many supermarkets and suppliers. Our extensive client list shows the companies that have used our services. Testimonials from our clients.

Where is the Oxford International Supplier Academy based?

We are based in Thame, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

UK Map with red marker showing Thame, Oxfordshire

The base of OISA is in Thame, Oxfordshire

What Training Courses are Offered by OISA?

Our training courses are available from the shop. Go to that link and then add ‘OISA’ into the search box for all the training courses that are available.

Who is Involved in the Oxford International Supplier Academy?

We have a number of different speakers/trainers that can help you to sell to the International Supermarkets. Some of them are listed below with others added, as needed to ensure that you get as much experience shared with you, as possible:

Picture of Riad Beladi at his laptop at a desk

Photo of Riad Beladi, Co Founder of OISA

Riad Beladi

Riad is the founder of International Supermarket News magazine, servicing the retail and supermarket industry for the last 30 years. He has been helping companies and the government promoting products and services to supermarkets from all over the world, working closely with producers developing and marketing direct to buyers.


Headshot of Andrew Grant in front of white wall

Photo of Andrew Grant, Grocery Guru


Andrew Grant

Andrew was a Tesco Buying Director, worked at Tesco in buying for over 23 years, and was responsible for over £2.2.bn of groceries. His experience spans fresh, wine, and packaged goods. Additionally, he is regarded as a leading authority on competition law and GSCOP.

Headshot of Darren A. Smith

Photo of Darren A. Smith, founder of MBM


Darren A. Smith

Darren was a Trading Manager at Sainsbury’s, worked at Sainsbury’s for over 13 years, and was responsible for over £1bn of produce. His experience spans ready meals, produce, and frozen foods. Also, he is a writer for The Grocer, a contributor to Forbes magazine, and has appeared many times on the BBC.


Headshot of Andy Palmer

Photo of Andy Palmer


Andy Palmer

Andy was a Category Manager for a large produce supplier and has specialised in category Management for over 25 years, enabling MBM to become a silver partner to Nielsen IQ. Also, he has achieved a great many accolades from training people in Category Management, not least of which is Newell.

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