Your Online Presentations Lack Oomph: Draw Out Bad Habits

Do Your Online Presentations Lack Oomph?

Watch our 2-part webinar recordings to understand how to ensure your online presentations are effective using new skills to draw out bad habits.

Each video contains tips to help you use your time working from home or in the office to become the very best version of yourself.

Online Presentations: Learn New Skills Using Online Power in Part 1 While Presenting.

Screenshot of Part 1 Presentation Webinar Image
Nathan shares how to be the best version of yourself during online presentations

Online Presentations: Learn How to Create Engagement Using Online Power in Part 2 While Presenting.

Screenshot of Part 2 Presentation Webinar Image
Being engaging will give your online presentations the oomph they need


If you enjoy our Sticky Learning ® Lunches you might benefit from 121 coaching.

Presentation Skills Coaching Cards. Only £7.50

Who Are These For?

Anyone who has to present information – which we all do more often than we probably consciously realise – whether it be internally or externally, to big groups, small groups or one2one. Try a pack out, see how you benefit from these and let us know what you think!

What Do You Receive?

You will be sent 70 Presentation Skills Coaching cards. These particular coaching cards are the size of playing cards. We have separated them into a useful mnemonic to help your presentation preparation, planning, execution and review. Additionally, such mnemonic separation will help you commit these to memory with great ease.

Purchase your own Presentation Skills Cards today!

Ultimate Guide to Presentation Skills

This Ultimate Guide to Presentation Skills will deliver answers and understanding to the following.

  • What is Presenting?
  • What Is the Difference Between Public Speaking and Presenting?
  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Presenting.
  • What Are Good Presentation Skills?
  • How Do I Create a Powerful Presentation?
  • What Medium Should You Use?
  • What Makes an Effective Presentation?
  • How to Improve Your Presentation Skills.
  • The Top Five Tips for Presenting.
  • Further Reading and Resources to Improve Your Presentation.

Read the full ultimate guide for free!

You can also become a presentation skills ninja right here!

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