Negotiate a Win-Win with the Line Managers

 Negotiate a Win-Win with the Line Managers – comes from the Free Guide – ‘Are You Annoyed by How Little Line Managers Support the Skills Training of Their Teams?’

You’ve tried persuasion. If that hasn’t worked, try negotiating. There are 8 ways to resolve a conflict and negotiation is a valid form.
On our negotiation training course, we share with Learners a simple, yet very effective tool called, ‘If you… then I…’ In this 1-minute video, you can learn how to use this effective negotiation tool to get what you want.
For example, ‘If you can add ‘Learning’ to your team agenda this week, then I’ll see if I can re-arrange your training dates.’ In my experience, once you are familiar with this tool, you’ll be using it at work and at home to ‘win’ all sorts of things.

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Negotiate a Win with the Line Managers


Use this simple yet effective negotiation tool to help you get what you want when you are speaking with Line Managers.

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