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Learning To Learn tin

We all have experienced that feeling when you are in a long meeting and your mind wonders. The same can happen when you are in a ‘classroom’ being trained. Rather then ‘fight it’, we help our learners use this to their advantage. In our ‘Learning To Learn‘ training course, which is the first part of Sticky Learning ®, we help them use the ‘Distraction tool’.

Albert Einstein sat in a comfortable chair in the evenings before he went to bed, holding a steel ball in his hand. He knew the power of ‘daydreaming’ and had  figured out how to replicate it, because he knew that this was where he could find the solution to many of the mathematical problems that he’d encountered during the day. What he didn’t know then, but we know now, is that he was accessing alpha brain waves, where the right and left side of the brain come together in a daydream like state. By holding the steel ball and not letting it drop to the floor, he kept himself from falling asleep and maintained the daydream state.

Staying 100% engaged all day long is just not possible for anyone. We encourage our learners to accept that they will go into a daydream at some points through the day. To harness the power of this state they are taught to use the ‘Distraction tool’. A page headed-up ‘Distractions’ and kept on the desk in front of them. When a learner experiences a daydream moment, they let it happen, embrace it, write it down and then return to be present again with the other learners.

Distractions Tool - Keep Your Mind Focused When You are Learning

How do you keep yourself focussed? Please share your view by commenting below.


Darren A. Smith

About Darren A. Smith

Darren has been working in the world of UK Supermarkets and Suppliers for over 20 years. He began his career as a buyer at one of the big 4 UK supermarkets and after rising through the ranks he decided to leave after 13 years and set-up Making Business Matter. For the last 14 years he has run MBM, which is a training provider to the UK grocery industry. Helping suppliers to the big four supermarkets to develop the soft skills that will secure them more profitable wins.


  • Emily Wren says:

    Had heard that there was significance to daydreaming but not that it could be focused on as a way to learn. Usually I take breaks when my mind wanders to get some fresh air and clear my head, however I will now try to incorporate the distraction tool into my daily life.

  • Mitch Sabine says:

    I believe learning to learn is very important and this raises a very interesting topic, the idea of harnessing the daydreaming state. Very good article.

  • Jess Kelly-Noakes says:

    This is a great tool, I will be using this next time I daydream and I can imagine I will be pleased with the results! +++++

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