15 Best Low-Budget/Free Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Low-Cost Marketing Ideas to Help Grow Your Small Business

Running a business in the present economy is tough. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economic system crashed. As a result, the financial crisis caused the unemployment of 730,000 workers and closed activities. However, a good portion of all businesses survived, even though they had to lay off personnel, delay salaries, and make other financial adjustments. So, in 2020, small agencies, which are the majority of all enterprises, have to manage their budget wisely. In this article, you’ll find 15 best low-budget/free marketing ideas for small businesses.

1. Be Active On Social Media

A crucial marketing strategy is being active on social media. Now, clients tend to associate modern and professional services with a strong digital presence. So, start posting your brand on Google, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Reddit is also a good platform, especially if your brand has a specific niche. Just be careful to select the categories your products fit in and avoid noticeable promotional tactics. You can also get informed on this platform about management, SEO, and other micro interests.

Lastly, use the underrated platform LinkedIn. There, you can create your brand, join groups, and develop your company’s online presence. This social app is more business-oriented, so it’s perfect for marketing.

2. Focus On The Quality Of Your Online Content

Nowadays, marketing happens on online platforms. A blog section on your site can be a way to engage with your customers. Nevertheless, you may want to focus more on quality content instead of promotional posts.

If you don’t have a blog section, consider creating one. Then, start publishing informative articles that deal with the services you’re providing, but also offer great advice without overselling. You can start with top lists, expert suggestions, and collaborations.

3. Selective Advertising

A common marketing strategy is paying for ads. This efficient method requires an investment to promote your brand. Sometimes, an advertisement can be expensive. Nonetheless, it’s fundamental for a company’s growth.

You don’t have to spend all your budget on ads. Try using apps, such as Stumble Upon, that select an advertisement agency with the best offers for you. Then, once you find the agency, try building the appropriate promotional content. Figure out the audience you want to target based on age, gender, interests, and more.

Be aware that sometimes promotional memberships can be cheaper, so consider creating an account on their site.

4. Add Visual Content

Along with articles, your blog can present visual slideshows and videos. Visual content always adds a professional touch to any website.

You can try filming instructional videos that present your goods. For example, when you launch new products, you can make a video to display it. Also, you can pair it with a short descriptive article that sums up your presentation.

Video content for blog

Try using different visual and editing apps such as SlideShare or Wistia. Remember to use the best camera you have with the highest resolution.

5. Look For Discounted Advertisement

An excellent way to save your budget is to look for discounted advertisement.

Paying for an ad can be expensive. However, if you pay attention to your media platforms, you may find promotional codes and bonuses for ad companies.

Paid advertisement is at the basis of Google, Facebook, and Instagram. So, try to scan those websites to find membership bonuses for advertisement.

6. Partner Up With Other Brands

Collaborating with another brand is a splendid idea. You can introduce your customers to their company while they do the same for you. Perhaps you might even look to create a new product together, pair services, or come up with a giveaway.

You can do it online or offline, just make sure that the company isn’t a direct opponent.

Moreover, don’t be scared to collaborate with a smaller brand. The key is to form long-term partnerships that can benefit you for years to come. So, you help their brand grow while they help yours.

7. Create A Loyalty Program For Your Customers

Maintaining your clientele is just as hard as getting it. So, try to make your loyal clients feel like the company appreciates their effort to support it.

Create A Loyalty Program For Your Customers, Loyalty Card, Marketing Ideas

Develop a loyalty program that gives free products, bonus services, and discounts to those who are long-term members. Also, you can give rewards to those who share your website and socials on their personal platforms. This way, they can bring more customers to your agency.

8. Get Official Recognition

Clients are more inclined to use a service that has official recognition, such as awards and badges. So, try to apply for business awards and other accreditations and certifications.

Also, you can participate in contests within your industry. If there aren’t any, you can host your very own. The prizes can be modest everyday objects like cups, cutlery, or products from your business. The result of a contest is usually more clients and a better reputation as a brand.

9. Infographics

Infographics are a visual marketing tool that turns data and ideas into visually aesthetic tables. Big companies use graphic designers to build their infographics. However, when you don’t have enough funds, you can improvise.

Look for graphic design apps that provide tutorials and already-made templates. You can even try with PowerPoint and other office tools. The result won’t be perfect, but at least you’ll be varying the content you put out. Plus, you’ll get better time after time.

You can Google ‘infographics’ to find inspiration.

10. Newsletter Email

This is a standard marketing tactic. You ask for the user’s email address in exchange for a promo code.

For example, suppose you’re an assignment help company, college papers agency,  custom essay service, or online student service. You can offer a 15% discount for the user’s newsletter subscription.

11. Create An Event

You can create a new event to bring the community together.

For example, if you own a beauty and skincare brand, you can host an all-day spa event. People can try your products while socialising. This way, you’ll have a friendly atmosphere that encourages customers to buy your goods.

Smiling Male Sales Assistant Standing By Sales Desk Of Florists Event, Marketing Ideas

Even during a pandemic, you can still host an event like such with the help of masks and minimum distancing.

12. Creative And Spontaneous Marketing

Convenient marketing is creative and spontaneous, try to use your imagination and come up with unusual and showstopping ideas for your brand.

For example, you can try stickers, graffiti, and other artistic advertising. This way, people stop to admire the art, and then they might check out your store.

13. Recycle Old Posts

You can rewrite your blogs. Some articles become outdated and find a spot at the bottom of the search page. So, take those posts and update them. Give them a new tone and some fresh images. This way, your content is recycled, and you didn’t spend funds and time to revamp it.

Also, you can switch text-only content into videos. Or, you can turn old posts into an ebook full of analytic studies.

14. Business Cards

Get creative with your business cards. Every time you meet someone new, you might give them a card that is visually pleasing but also straight to the point.

Business executives exchanging business card

A cheap marketing strategy is upgrading your business card with a better design and font encompassing latest design ideas. You can use Microsoft Word for them, so you don’t need to spend money on a new app.

15.  Recycle Data

If you can’t afford to hire a writer, you may want to use some old information online. Specifically, if you are running out of ideas, you can look for older studies that you can compare to new data.

For example, suppose you have a construction company. You are focusing on eco-friendly housing. You can look for old data from the early 2000s to compare with new data about green housing.

This way, you have a new article without having to spend too much time thinking. You can use information about the industry you’re in, the products, or even old surveys of your own company.


From updating business cards to hosting an event, you can grow your company without spending essential funds. If you’re a small business, you can try these 15 budget-friendly marketing ideas.

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