Making an Impact: 5 Internal and External Tips For Your Business

How to Make the Maximum Impact for Your Business

In the competitive global market, you want your business to make an impact. That said, it’s not just enough to influence your employees, it’s also important to make a positive impact on the market as a whole. Your goal should be to use your leadership skills to create better experiences for your employee collective as well as your target demographics.

This way, you’re able to build brand recognition and trust and achieve your internal and external goals. Using different leadership styles, personalising the experience for your customers, creating a better communication strategy – there are many powerful ways to make an impact nowadays.

Today, we’ll be going over five important tips on making an impact in your business, motivating your employees, and influencing your key audiences and customer demographics. Here’s what you can do right now to take your business forward. 

1. Trust-Based Leadership and Management

Every decision that takes a business forward is rooted in sound and calculated leadership. It’s important to keep developing your leadership so that you can maximise the value and potential of your employees. After all, different generations of employees respond differently to leadership styles and methodologies.

Two businessmen shaking hands, striking a deal
Adopt a leadership approach that is centred around the right pillars.

If you want to make a lasting, positive impact on your teams and boost operational efficiency, you have to engage and motivate your employees. To do this, your leadership approach needs to centre on the right pillars.

These pillars include, but are not limited to:

  • Trust
  • Co-dependence
  • Guidance
  • Positive encouragement
  • Acknowledgement of the individual
  • Praise and incentives
  • Transparency
  • Open-mindedness
  • Accountability

You can’t just demand all of this of your workforce, you have to show them how to internalise and utilise these pillars. A good leader will focus on being present in the everyday life of their employees to provide guidance and support.

This will boost engagement and empower the individual to embrace a more proactive mindset. By acknowledging the individual and being open-minded, on the other hand, you will show them that they matter to your organisation. As we all know, there’s no better motivator for an employee than knowing that they matter.

2. Making a Positive Impact With the Right Values and Causes

One of the best ways brands can make an impact internally and externally is by developing a set of values. Not only that but standing up for the right causes as an organisation builds team spirit and culture while influencing the modern customer. Keep in mind that the new generations of consumers care a great deal about brand values.

So much so, in fact, that they will choose a different brand if your values don’t resonate with what they believe and stand for. The same goes for your employees. If you want to make Gen Z-ers thrive in the workplace, you have to share the same values and work towards the same causes.

Do you think that a young, talented professional will work for you if you’re harming the environment? How about if you’re exploiting your workers in any way? Not only will they refuse to work for you, but they’ll also probably report you to the authorities in the process.

With that in mind, focus on:

  • Aligning your values with your employees’ and customers’ values.
  • Defining a set of causes that matter for you, your workforce, and your audience.
  • Making sure that every partner in your supply chain adheres to your principles.

In the case of the last one, the last thing you want is for your employees or customers to find out that one of your partners is exploiting their workers or harming the environment. This would invariably jeopardise your own reputation. 

3. Personalising the Digital Experience

Personalisation is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, and you can apply it to any area of your business. Sales, marketing, support, employee management and success, onboarding – you can personalise these and many other processes to make an impact. 

When you’re making an impact on your global audience and customer base, you have to focus on website personalisation. Start with the domain name and create a more personal website by choosing a .me top-level domain. Move on to personalising the copy to appeal to your target audience, and use website cookies to generate personalised offers for different users.

The same mindset applies to other processes like sales and support because you have to acknowledge the individual. The customer doesn’t want to be just another lead in your sales funnel, they want to matter to your business. 

By personalising all communication across all channels, you’ll be making a lasting impact on your audience and customers. 

4. Boost Efficiency With a Communication Structure

Speaking of communication, you also want to use your leadership skills to enhance communication in your company. You can’t be expected to do this all on your own, which is why you need a communication structure.

A communication structure tells everyone in your organisation how best to communicate vertically and horizontally. This is a detailed guide for your employees on the best communication practices, whom they need to communicate with, and how to avoid communication bottlenecks. It’s a great way to ensure seamless communication in your company and boost efficiency and output.

What’s more, having a detailed communication structure will allow you to apply your leadership skills more effectively. When everyone knows how and whom to talk to, you as the leader will be able to address specific issues and make better long-term decisions without wasting time.

5. Make a Large Impact by Creating a Welcoming Culture

Last but not least, making a big impact both internally and externally can often boil down to your company’s culture. Don’t think that a positive company culture is just good for your employees because word gets around. If you want to become the top employer and build a respectable brand, then you have to focus on your culture.

Businessman sat on the table in a yoga pose
Harness a progressive company culture and make a lasting positive impact.

Because after all, job-seekers will find out what goes around behind closed doors, and if it’s something bad, pretty soon the whole industry will know. On the other hand, if the culture is positive and thriving, you will have no problem attracting the best candidates while retaining customers over the long term.

Wrapping up

Making an impact in today’s business market is a very big deal, as you want people to notice you, engage with you, and build a relationship with your brand. That goes for your employees and customers as well. Use these tips to leverage your leadership skills and the right tactics to ensure your company makes a positive impact both internally and externally in 2021.

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