Book Review: ‘Leadership The Multiplier Effect’ By Andy Cope with Mike Martin and Jonathan Peach

About the Book: Leadership The Multiplier Effect

I enjoy reading business books. Yet, unlike when I read fiction it’s rare that I get to the end and wish there was more. But that’s how I felt as I turned the last page of Leadership The Multiplier Effect.

I was hooked from the start when Andy Cope and his co-authors talked about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Leadership. I’m a huge Douglas Adams fan. Much of the writing and the sense of humour in the book reminded me of his writing.

Leadership The Multiplier Effect is packed with solid leadership theories and great stories that cleverly illustrate the points. Moreover, they help us develop alternative perspectives on classic leadership challenges.

Book cover of Leadership The Multiplier Effect by Andy Cope

Leadership The Multiplier Effect by Andy Cope

The Contradiction of Two Key Themes

1. As a leader it’s not about you, the focus has to be on your people.

2. It is all about you — if you are not inspired, no one else will be.

This dichotomy is explored throughout Leadership The Multiplier Effect. Our thinking is gently moved to the idea that our job as a leader is not to inspire others but to be inspired ourselves. The authors believe that leaders are the modern-day superheroes in a rapidly changing world. As leaders, our attitudes and actions cascade to those around us, and we have the power of our influence in a positive way.

As well pulling my thinking together in a new way and giving me some great stories to share with my clients and teams when I need to explain a concept, this book has made me promise myself I will never again start a session on leadership by asking the delegates to make a list of great leaders! There are so many much better ways to have great conversations about the leaders we want to become.

To get the best results business and when it comes to learning it should be fun. Leadership The Multiplier Effect certainly achieves the balance of delivering some serious thoughts in a fun way.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a textbook style book on leadership, you are going to be really disappointed. However, if you want to know why Bob the Builder is an inspiring leader and modern-day superhero, have your thinking challenged, enjoy some reading time and learn some things along the way, I recommend Leadership The Multiplier Effect.

Here is to being inspired and therefore inspiring the people we work with.

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