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Presenting Effectively

Welcome to the Knowledge Vault for the ‘Presenting Skills‘ training programme. The purpose of this page is to help you continue your learning journey.

Below are various elements that you can Read, Watch and Do.

Red glasses - Read
Read – the Ultimate Guide on how to give a good presentation.
Read – 5 Steps To Unleash Your Inner Confidence: How To Free Yourself From The Fears That Hold You Back.
Read – Blow Your Own Horn: Successful Powerful Presenting by Michael Trigg.



Red glasses - watch
Watch – how to improve your Presentation Skills with HBDI – MBM One Minute Video
Watch – tips that made Steve Jobs’ presentations so effective.
Watch – Life After Death by Powerpoint by Don McMillan (very funny).




Red checkbox - Do
Do – understand the power of using ‘Because’.
Do – understand the 5 Main Influencing Styles – Which will you choose?
Do – check your next presentation using these 3 ways.



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