Welcome to the Knowledge Vault for the ‘People Management‘ training programme. The purpose of this page is to help you continue your learning journey.

Below are various elements that you can Read, Watch and Do.

Red glasses - Read
Read – the Ultimate Guide to People Management.
Read – our book recommendation ‘The Tao of Coaching’ – A lovely easy to read paperback with lots of pictures!
Read – this Forbes article – The Best Managers – Always – Set Clear Expectations.

Red eye - Watch
Watch – and understand the difference between Leadership Vs Management – MBM One Min Video.
Watch – how to improve your Feedback Skills – MBM One Min Video.
Watch – and find out about Google’s Project Oxygen – MBM One Minute Video.

Red checklist - Do

Do – download our ‘I’ve been told to ‘Think More Strategically’ matrix and challenge your preferences.
Do – visit here and look at the quick, practical management advice and easy-to-use tools.
Do – understand more about Goal Setting.

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