Welcome to the Knowledge Vault for the ‘Learning to Learn‘ training programme. The purpose of this page is to help you continue your learning journey.

Below are various elements that you can Read, Watch and Do.

Red glasses - read
Read – more about Learning Styles.
Read – what the posters around the training room mean.
Read – 7 ways to be a great Learning Buddy.

Red eye - watch
Watch – BJ Fogg tell us a little about forming habits in this TED video.
Watch – our top personal development Ted talks recommendations – MBM One Minute Video
Watchhow not to forget! – MBM One Minute Video

Red checklist - Do
Do – get the most from your learning with Keepers and Mindmaps.
Do – sign up to Brian Tracy’s newsletter.
Do – learn more about Ebbinghaus ‘Forgetting Curve’.

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Would You Like to Know More About the World’s Stickiest Learning?
  • What is Sticky Learning?
  • What Problems does Sticky Learning solve?
  • How does Sticky Learning provide evaluation/ROI?