Optimise Your Infographic

  1. Include the gold keyword in the title.
  2. Include ‘Infographic’ in the title.
  3. At the bottom:
    • MBM 5 month logo.
    • Short pitch.
    • Linkedin and Youtube social media icons only.
  4. Pieces through the graphic; assessment, ultimate guide, articles, and sticky learning (?).
  5. Include keywords:
    • Gold keyword x3.
    • Silver keyword x2.
    • Bronze keyword x1.
  6. Optimise vs the pdf webpage.
  7. Answered the top 20 google questions.
  8. Google questions displayed as questions so that google can read that we are answering them.
  9. Sources added, where appropriate.
  10. The reader can click on links where sources are shown or our website, or when we mention our blog, etc.
  11. Does it beat the best infographic of its type on the web – Search for ‘<name> infographic’.
  12. Once completed add the infographic to MBM Infographics page, the Ultimate Guide, if appropriate, and to https://visual.ly/view 
  13. Include 3 practical actions/tips.