Lacking Influence with Your Supermarket Buyer

‘Lacking Influence with Your Supermarket Buyer’ comes from the Free Guide – The Biggest 8 Mistakes Suppliers Make When Selling to the Big 4 UK Supermarkets And How to Avoid Them All’:

The Mistake of Lacking Influence with Your Supermarket Buyer

Influence skill is something we all need to do things. Without influence, that is more than just ‘badge influence’ – ‘I am the Director, therefore…’, – You will struggle to get anyone to do anything beyond what is in his or her job description. And lacking influence with your supermarket buyer can be very costly.

Influencing is a close bedfellow of negotiation. You can use it to negotiate better deals. Influencing, in its own right, can be used to persuade a Buyer to come to the factory for a visit, meet with your colleague to discuss NPD, or engage with a half-day about Category Planning.

iRASCAL, Supermarket Buyer

The Consequences of Lacking Influence with Your Supermarket Buyer

Supplier Sales and Marketing teams that fail to influence their Buyer will lose business.

How to Avoid Lacking Influence with Your Supermarket Buyer

  • Does your team know the different influencing styles that exist?
  • How much do they use different influencing styles?
  • How aware are your team of their words, tone, and body language?

‘iRascal’ – Understanding the 7 types of persuasion will help someone to be more influential by knowing that there are different ways to persuade, and the challenge is then to know which one to select. And understanding the ‘6 Sciences of Persuasion will help too’:


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