10 Ways to Improve the Usability of Your YouTube Channel

Improve Your Youtube Channel With These 10 ‘Easy To Do’ Improvements

Based on my journey into social media over the last 3 years, I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips of how to improve your Youtube Channel by using mostly what is provided by Youtube’s latest upgrade option:


Man and woman making a YouTube video

Check out these 10 tips to improve the usability of your YouTube channel


  1. New Version; Upgrade to the new version of Youtube because it is easier to use, easier on the eye, and has more options.
  2. Channel Art; Take some effort to create your channel art because it needs to ‘catch the eye’, you can add a piece to tell viewers what you wish them to do and low resolution/poor pictures/badly cropped images will say volumes about your channel.
  3. Custom Links; Choose your ‘Custom Links’ wisely to encourage your viewers to do what you want them to do, e.g. ‘Buy from website x. Overlay up to 4 social networks onto your channel art to encourage your viewers to like/follow/circle.
  4. Featured Channels; Use the ‘Featured Channels’ option to add channels that relate to your subject and ask those channels to feature your channel.
  5. Take advantage of the ‘Playlists’ option; This will make it easier for your viewer to see similar videos grouped, just like you have on your iPod.
  6. Compelling descriptions; Write a compelling description in each video encouraging your viewer to take the action that you wish, e.g. Buy from website x’.
  7. Invideo option; The ‘Invideo’ option enables you to easily place a small image in each video to add constant brand awareness for you.
  8. Use Analytics; Review the provided analytics to understand your most-watched videos, audience retention, and traffic sources to help you improve your channel.
  9. Complete; Complete the location, date, and tags to help the SEO effectiveness of your channel.
  10. Best thumbnails; Choose the best thumbnails for your video. Consider if a book had a cover showing a lion very far away in the distance Vs a book cover with a close-up of the lion’s face – Which is more ‘wow’?

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