10 Simple Ways to Improve the Usability of Your YouTube Channel

Improve Your Youtube Channel With These 10 ‘Easy To Do’ Improvements

Based on my journey into social media over the last 3 years, I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips on how to improve your Youtube Channel by using mostly what is provided by Youtube’s latest upgrade option.

Here are 10 tips to improve your youtube channel:

  1. New Version; Upgrade to the new version of Youtube because it is easier to use, easier on the eye, and has more options.
  2. Channel Art; Take some effort to create your channel art because it needs to ‘catch the eye’, you can add a piece to tell viewers what you wish them to do and low resolution/poor pictures/badly cropped images will say volumes about your channel.
  3. Custom Links; Choose your ‘Custom Links’ wisely to encourage your viewers to do what you want them to do, e.g. ‘Buy from website x. Overlay up to 4 social networks onto your channel art to encourage your viewers to like/follow/circle.
  4. Featured Channels; Use the ‘Featured Channels’ option to add channels that relate to your subject and ask those channels to feature your channel.
  5. Take advantage of the ‘Playlists’ option; This will make it easier for your viewer to see similar videos grouped, just like you have on your iPod.
  6. Compelling descriptions; Write a compelling description in each video encouraging your viewer to take the action that you wish, e.g. Buy from website x’.
  7. Invideo option; The ‘Invideo’ option enables you to easily place a small image in each video to add constant brand awareness for you.
  8. Use Analytics; Review the provided analytics to understand your most-watched videos, audience retention, and traffic sources to help you improve your channel.
  9. Complete; Complete the location, date, and tags to help the SEO effectiveness of your channel.
  10. Best thumbnails; Choose the best thumbnails for your video. Consider if a book had a cover showing a lion very far away in the distance Vs a book cover with a close-up of the lion’s face – Which is more ‘wow’?
    Man and woman making a YouTube video
    Check out these 10 tips to improve the usability of your YouTube channel
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