Identify How Your Organisation Measures Up

Discover How to Identify How Your Organisation Measures Up

Identify How Your Organisation Measures Up – comes from the Free Guide – ‘Are You Annoyed by How Little Line Managers Support the Skills Training of Their Teams?’

It is important to identify how your organisation measures up. A CIPD survey concluded that nearly 75% of Line Managers do not give time, care and attention necessary for team development. And you can access this data on page 1. But we know that Line Managers are integral to the development of their teams. And team members often look to their Line Managers for guidance about how much they should focus on development.

We also know that Line Managers initiate over half of the conversations about the effectiveness of training. Indeed, Gibb (2002) suggests that greater Line Manager involvement in learning and development promotes the notion of ‘lifelong learning’. Often, Line Managers know on an intellectual level that they should be supporting, coaching, and helping, but they’re just not. The solutions in this Guide will help.

'Lifelong Learning' Ongoing, voluntary and self motivated, Identify How Your Organisation Measures Up

Lifelong Learning

Brian Tracy’s continuous improvement formula offers a great way of understanding the power of lifelong learning.


Identify what percentage of the Line Manager’s time goes into actively supporting their Learners with their learning. Is your organisation above or below the average percentage?

The PRO tool can help to make a quick and easy estimation. And also help you identify how your organisation measures up.

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