How to Improve Negotiation Skills: Top 10 Training Tools

Check Out Our Top 10 Negotiation Skills Tools

We completed negotiation skills for a client and they requested the top 10 items that we had referred to in the training on how to improve negotiation skills. These are those top 10 items that will help their Learners to do self-learning and to improve their negotiation skills in the workplace

#1: The Push-Pull Model

A very effective and simple influencing model. This tool will help you to improve your influencing and negotiation skills by understanding that there are two options of influencing in each situation; to push what’s in your head or to pull what’s in their head. Check out the Push and Pull video by clicking on the image below:

Screenshot of an MBM YouTube video
Check out our Push and Pull video to help you improve your negotiation skills

#2: Psychology of Negotiation

To improve your negotiation skills with self-learning, understanding the psychology behind this art is important. Important because by understanding the small changes you can gain big advantages. Click the image below to read the article:

Screenshot of Psychology of Negotiation MBM article
Check out our Psychology of Negotiation article to help you improve your negotiation skills in the workplace

#3: Improving Confidence

Confidence is often quoted by Learners as essential for negotiation. Amy Cuddy‘s video will give you an advantage to improve your negotiation skills in the workplace. Often our ‘what great looks like’ for negotiators are those that are strong, gruff & banging their fist, when in fact the more effective negotiators are not. They are calm, in control, and display more attributes of a detective than a boxer. Click on the image below to watch the video:

Screenshot of Amy Cuddy YouTube video
Check out Amy Cuddy’s video on the power of body language

#4: An Abundance of Tools

There is no shortage of negotiation tools available. In this article, we share 50. Be aware, the more effective negotiators use fewer tools well, and not many tools badly. Better to have one sharp saw in your toolbag than a broken screwdriver, and sandpaper that has lost its rough edge.

#5: Preparing for a Negotiation

Preparation is the key, as with most skill development. With negotiation, the two options are either ‘having a think in my head’ or opening PowerPoint and creating a slide deck. Neither of these will provide effective preparation. The squaredance template will.

Template titled Square-dance with 5 different sections
Our Squaredance template will allow you to prepare effectively

#6: If You, Then I

The most effective and simple of the negotiation tools, ‘If you…, then I…’.Taught around the world because it just works. A very effective tool for clearly delivering a proposal that the other person will want to hear. Click on the image below to watch the video:

Screenshot of MBM YouTube video
Check out our If I Then You video, that highlights a key negotiation technique

#7: Over 24 Negotiation Articles to Choose From

Our blog has been written for suppliers to UK supermarkets. Our negotiation category has many articles written by ex-buyers, and account managers to enable you to be the very best version of you.

#8: The 6 Laws of Persuasion

Watched by over 12 million people this 12-minute video will help you to do understand the laws that govern effective persuasion. The video can take a little getting used to/understanding but is well worth a discussion in your team meeting of how to take the theory into practical application in your workplace.

Science of Persuasion YouTube video
The 6 laws of persuasion

#9: The 8 Methods of Resolving Conflict

There are 8 valid methods of resolving conflict. Negotiation is one. The others are valid too. The challenge is to know which approach we are using when we are resolving conflict. It is ok to haggle if we know that we are. And not haggling only because we thought it was a form of negotiating. It is not.

MBM infographic titled 8 methods of resolving conflict
Understand the 8 methods of resolving conflict

#10: Influencing Over a Screen (Like Zoom)

For the high-resolution infographic, click the image below:

MBM infographic titled How to look great in a video call
Looking great in your video call will impact your influencing skills


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